Gaurav Raina

Gaurav Raina bowled-over 1,086 players and took down Event #29: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em in a stunning display. The 33-year-old from Athens, Georgia, excelled on Day 4  against James Calvo and pocketed the ultimate prize worth $456,82 with the gold bracelet.

Fortunately for Raina, the heads-up match got interrupted. This gave Raina an ample time to strategize against the nail-biting play of his opponent, Calvo.  “I definitely spent some good time with friends discussing what the hell this guy is doing. I haven’t seen many of his hands the entire day, the only hands he turned over were big hands, which is crazy, because his frequencies are super high,” Raina said. He added, “I was trying to figure out what his bet-sizing patterns were.

Post Break Action

The break proved useful for Raina. “It definitely couldn’t hurt me to get rest and to come back. I was just amped up and wanted to finish, but other than that, it makes no real difference. It’s a little suspenseful.” Raina revived his chip disadvantage by flopping a two pair against Calvo’s flush draw.

But Calvo was equally resolute in planning his every move. “Unfortunately, I never had a hand. I was air-balling most of the time. His timing was very good. He managed to somehow check-raise when I didn’t have much.

Determined to finish with the game in his favour, Raina played smart. “I started limping the button because I figured he would be bombing, making big three-bets. Eventually, when I do get the right hand, I need to not let him stop bluffing,” he revealed.

Final Cards

Calvo flopped top pair with the  on a  board in the final hand. He got his last chips in on the turn – , but got snap-called by Raina’s . The  on the river didn’t help Calvo and Raina’s full house crowned him the champion.

Post the victorious moment, Raina told in an interview “We had a joke with my friends. I said I was going to win three bracelets this summer, and we were all laughing. None of us thought that any one of us is actually gonna win a bracelet.

Gaurav Raina also shared his plans to relocate to San Diego after the summer with his girlfriend.

Final Table Results:

Place Winner Country Prize (USD)
1 Gaurav Raina United States $456,822
2 James Calvo United States $282,276
3 Asi Moshe Israel $199,718
4 Eddy Sabat United States $143,148
5 Eric Cloutier Canada $103,957
6 Griffin Abel United States $76.506
7 Henric Stenholm Sweden $57,068
8 Giuseppe Pantaleo Germany $43,154
9 Scott Margereson United Kingdom $33,087

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