The release of the list of top tournament poker players of the world by the Global Poker Index is a weekly affair. The list is made on the basis of the formula that takes into account a player’s results over six half-year periods. The entire list available on the official GPI website.

Adrian Mateos has taken down the title of the 2017 Global Poker Index Player of the Year by less than a single cash over runner-up Bryn Kenney.

Adriano Mateos

Here is the overall GPI rankings as of January 3:

2017 GPI Player of the Year

Rank Player GPI Score
1 Adrian Mateos 3504.71
2 Bryn Kenney 3478.06
3 Stephen Chidwick 3341.89
4 Koray Aldemir 3266.11
5 Stefan Schillhabel 3236.48
6 Sergio Aido 3196.93
7 Dan Smith 3180.30
8 Ari Engel 3153.16
9 Nick Petrangelo 3134.62
10 Rainer Kempe 3086.76
11 Darren Elias 3082.43
12 William Foxen 3079.73
13 David Peters 3011.84
14 Dario Sammartino 3006.34
15 Sam Greenwood 2995.10
16 Steffen Sontheimer 2976.61
17 Jason Koon 2962.81
18 Ryan Riess 2959.87
19 DJ Alexander 2952.46
20 Joe McKeehen 2950.31

Kenny was leading the list for more than 4 months during the last 6 months of the year before Mateos overtook him and grabbed the first position in the mid of December.

Mateos’ win at the four cashes and three final tables during the PokerStars Championship Prague fetched him the 1st position on the list. Thus the total number of cashes for Mateos for the year of 2017 went up to  37- at par with $5,881,228 worth of winnings. Kenny also defeated 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Scott Blumstein‘s total of $8,174,347 with $8,505,898, at the 2017 Money List and topped the list.

Stephen Chidwick (secured the third position), Koray Aldemir (secured the fourth position), and Stefan Schillhabel (secured the fifth position) , coming under the top 5 2017 GPI POY list, while David Peters (secured the 13th position, this year) degraded in position in 2017 from being at the top of the list in 2016.

The GPI has also announced numerous other player-of-the-year honors based on performances during the calendar year:

Title Player
2017 GPI European Player of the Year Adrian Mateos
2017 GPI Female Player of the Year Kristen Bicknell
2017 GPI Female European Player of the Year Aylar Lie
2017 GPI American Player of the Year Bryn Kenney
2017 GPI Latin American Player of the Year Felipe Ramos
2017 GPI Asia/Pacific Player of the Year Pete Chen
2017 GPI Great China Player of the Year Pete Chen

On one hand Mateos also takes down the 2017 GPI European Player of the Year title, on the other hand Norwegian Aylar Lie takes down the 2017 GPI Female European Player of the Year title.

Pete Chan won 59 cash games and took down both the Asia/Pacific and Greater China POY titles Canadian Kristen Bicknell amassed more than $550,000 in cashes, this year and secured a position just outside the top 50 in the overall GPI POY list and also the title of the Female POY title.

Kenny also hooked the the U.S. POY title this year and Felipe Ramos’ win in 29 cash games worth $760K  made him the 2017’s Latin American POY.

Welcome to the GPI Top 300

Rank Player Total Score
232 Andrey Pateychuk 1925.68
244 Ramin Hajiyev 1901.99
256 Tim Reilly 1875.50
263 Eduards Kudrjavcevs 1862.43
281 Tomas Jozonis 1843.74
287 Dean Baranowski 1833.98
289 Stanislav Koleno 1832.56
290 Sam Chartier 1830.27
292 Boris Kolev 1826.80
293 Seth Davies 1826.51
294 Josh Kay 1822.98
295 Florian Duta 1822.05
296 Michael Amato 1820.56
297 Walter Treccarichi 1816.27
298 Bobby Zhang 1813.83
299 Jonas Lauck 1811.98

This year, near about 16 players, swam their way up to join the GPI top 300 POY.

Biggest Gains

Rank Player Total GPI Score Change
263 Eduards Kudrjavcevs 1862.43 +96
256 Tim Reilly 1875.50 +83
232 Andrey Pateychuk 1925.68 +75
244 Ramin Hajiyev 1901.99 +71
187 Asi Moshe 2013.37 +63

This year, the three significant moves up the list is- Eduards Kudrjavcevs (from No. 359 to No. 263) , Reilly (from No. 339 to No. 256) and Andrey Pateychuk (secured the 232nd position).

Biggest Drops

Rank Player Total GPI Score Change
252 Esther Taylor 1884.15 -97
184 James Obst 2018.22 -96
147 Daniel Negreanu 2119.04 -74
191 Taylor Paur 2009.28 -74
243 Mike Watson 1903.42 -72

Among the players remaining in the top 300, the downwards slip of  Esther Taylor from position No. 155 to No. 252 in the rankings and Daniel Negreanu from position  No. 73 to No. 147, are the most disheartening.

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