Apart from the usual race for Gold Bracelets at WSOP, the players are running to achieves something more. The players are competing to get a place in the prestigious WSOP Player Of The Year list, deep within. The WSOP POY list leaders, now, are two 2018 bracelet winners- an expected result with the change in tabulation system.

Till last year, the WSOP POY list was made on the basis of total earnings made from the WSOP and not the number of bracelets won. But, last year,  there was resentment shown against such guideline. Eventual 2017 WSOP POY Chris Ferguson was driven more by the 23 cashes he rang up than the one bracelet he won- therefore the complaint.

Thus, this year, WSOP turned over its tabulation system. Now the WSOP POY will be chosen on the basis of championships taken down. The top slots are filled with those who took down at least one bracelet. Well, the battle has just begun with the 72 events on the schedule in Las Vegas and the 10 events comprising the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe (to be contested later this year).

At the top of the WSOP POY list at the moment is the winner of the Event #2, Elio Fox. This year, Fox took down the second Gold bracelet of his life in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Super Turbo Bounty event on May 30. But, the main boost that multiplied his points is his being the second runner-up against Nick Petrangelo, in the $100,000 High Roller event. Also, his finished at the 92nd place in the “Millionaire Maker” which again added for a few brownie points. To conclude, his points at present is 2010.14.

Following him in the list is John Hennigan, who won his fifth bracelet on Friday. Hennigan, the victor of the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship, has two other deep finishes in Event #23 ($10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball Draw) and Event #12 ($1500 Six Handed Dealer’s Choice). Presently, his points are 1727.27.

Then comes in the POY list, the youngest player to win the WSOP Championship Event, 2009 World Champion Joe Cada. He picked up his third bracelet during the first week of the 2018 WSOP. In the beginning, Cada was right behind Fox is the POY race but couldn’t keep the pace. The reason being that none of his runs in the following events were deep enough to outlast Fox, for the first place. Thus, he has to settle for the third place. He has so far secured 1692.71 points.

The fourth place is being carefully guarded by Paul Volpe. So far, in none of the events, has he finished any lower than the fifteenth place in his cashes. Also, Volpe has taken down both Event #9, the $10,000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 and Better Championship. To conclude, Volpe has 1671.3 points to his credit.

Finally, at present, our “Millionaire Maker” champion is in the fifth place. Although, Arne Kern has only three cashes in his WSOP career, hin win on June 9 took him a step further. Now, he earned more than $1.1 million and one of poker’s greatest treasures. The treasure is  1322.5 points and the 5th place in the POY race.

Rest of the players who complete the top 10 at present are-

  • Petrangelo (1269.75 points, sixth place)
  • COLOSSUS champion Roberly Felicio (1264.46, seventh)
  • Craig Varnell (1194.63, eighth)
  • Michael Addamo (1183.92, ninth)
  • Adam Friedman (1162.4, tenth)

It is still too early to take the list in true spirit. There are still roughly 50 events left on the Las Vegas schedule and the WSOP-E to contend with. So many opportunities for the aspiring players can turn the table upside down at any moment. But, such a good start is a clear indication that there is some serious action to be seen in the coming days. Certainly, sounds like a treat for poker lovers.

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