An astounding four of the six winners of various events at the ongoing PokerStars Festival Manila have been Indians.

The first victory was achieved by Viren Kapur in the PokerStars Opening Event. The Indian challenger and export-trader Viren, 29, played his first live tournament after three years and was heads-up against Kai Paulsen. The two were at it for almost two hours before settling on a deal. The deal guaranteed both players ₱1,001,000 (~INR 12, 69,832) each with Kapur winning the flip to claim the title!

Many of Team India displayed competent performances in the Opening Event including Kanishka Samant (15th place for ₱75,000), Arjun Dhingra (28th place for ₱40,500), Jaydeep Dawer (38th place for ₱34,000), Sameer Rattonsey (42nd place for ₱29,500), Abhinav Iyer (44th place for ₱29,500) and Dhaval Mudgal(62nd place for ₱27,500).

On 28th July’s event, Dhanesh Chainani claimed two back to back titles – the Knock Out PokerStars Festival Manila event, where he was heads-up against Francis Villamar, for ₱169,400 and the other, No-Limit Hold’em – 6 Handed event. He defeated Udomkanjananan Wipat in the heads-up battle and pocketed ₱198,000.

Dhanesh Chainani

Furthermore, the ₱16,500 No-Limit Hold’em – 6 Handed event had Indian pro, Dhaval Mudgal, settling for the fourth position,  and winning ₱67,000 in prize money.

The highlight of the day, however, was Aditya Sushant (The first Indian WSOP bracelet winner along with Nipun Java), who outfoxed his way to title in the ₱22,000 Open Face Chinese Pineapple occasion for ₱227,200, thereby winning his first Spadie!

Aditya Sushant of India

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