Belonging to a Jain family aka the business driving society of India, Karan Jain always had an edge with numbers. This accompanied with his investment banker background turned out as a perfect recipe for a self-learned Poker Highroller. This young player, who also happens to be a B Com (H) From SRCC Delhi, MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB) and CFA (Chartered financial analyst), plays with the username of “technomania” across all major platforms/websites and commits that his major revenue comes from adda52.

Karan, a solid TAG (Tight aggressive) online player is in total comfort accepting his love for multi-tabling rather than sitting on a single live table and believes his biggest strength is mental game. “I am a 6 max holdem online cash game specialist, although I keep taking shots at big guarantee MTTs and soft PLO games. But my specialization is definitely 6 max NLHE cash.

For many, it might have been family over Poker but Karan’s case was a little different and ideal in more ways than one. A little explanation convinced his folks and made them realize that this game is a game of skill. Well, not little (he laughs off). Lately, his parents are rather proud of the fact that he is playing at the highest possible level.

Karan Jain


How did it begin and what next?

Considering Karan as one of the finest players Poker enthusiasts have seen in the recent years, not everything used to be the same. In the initial era of Karan’s Poker journey, he was considered as the biggest fish on the table. Karan added, “One should strongly be decision oriented and not result oriented.” Playing from small stakes and eventually shifting to online Poker, still a fish as he mentioned, he spewed all his winnings online and out of sheer love for the game, he chose to believe it as a cost of learning the amazing game of Poker.

His future plan is to continue playing high stakes NLHE games online and transition into PLO over time. He also has a startup in the health foods space that he’s currently quite involved in.


Role Models? If any

Of course, says Karan. “My ultimate role model for the game has to be Daniel Negreanu just because of his overall personality – win rate, demeanour at the table, skill level and how much he’s done for the game globally.” He also looks up to his fellow players at Jaipur Jewels whom he considers are absolute beasts in the game and there’s so much for him to learn from them.

Lastly, he thanked Andrew Siedman, Phil Galfond and J Nandez for some amazing training material and helping him become an efficient Poker player on this topic.


Take on Indian Poker

Indian Poker is still growing and is yet to make an impression of its own. Karan believes Poker scene here in India is in a very interesting phase right now. Tournament Poker has boomed in the last few months with bigger guarantees every day. So much so that it’s almost forced winning cash players to foray into high-value Sunday tournaments. As far as the cash side of the game is concerned, he thinks there’s a shift towards PLO with more fish preferring it over Holdem. With PokerStars entering India soon, he suspects an interesting overhaul of the current view towards Poker which should help the population to accept and intake this as a legit professional career for many.

Karan Jain and his team Jaipur Jewels celebrating their runner’s up moment at MIPL

Karan’s message to other budding players

“To the future Poker Champs, I would say that yes, one can make consistent money from poker but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and mental strength to do the same. Poker is not as easy as it seems for making a living out of the same. It takes a lot of mental toughness to put in a good hard day’s work and be down a couple of lakh rupees. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you have all these ingredients in you, then life can be pretty awesome!”

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