Life can teach important lessons from our day to day exercises. Understanding this and implementing the same can lead to various advantages as you are about to realize.

SharmaJi, an honest father, husband, man next door who also happens to be a businessman amongst many other roles he plays every day, was dealing a few customers at his shop this morning. Mr. Rakesh who happens to live near the market in a luxurious apartment, comes up to SharmaJi with a couple of Kiwis in his hand and comments, “SharmaJi, maana aapne ye Kiwi New Zealand se import karvaye hai par itne mehenge to kone wali mashhoor, fal sabzi wali dukkan ka Hari bhi nahi lagata hai inke.”

SharmaJi stays calm and simply mentions “Sir ye ekdam taaza hai aur aapke fruit salad mein swaad inhi se aayega.” SharmaJi could’ve mentioned about the price being absolutely competitive but he didn’t. He knew there’s no one in the premises who sells Kiwis and knew the best way to pass on this bluff is by not mentioning the points raised. Next, we observe Mr. Rakesh checking for the freshness of the fruit and buying a few.

Later that day

The same evening SharmaJi reaches home and after his daily family commitments, takes his favourite chair, switches on his desktop, logs into his account and sits on a 10/20 Hold’em table. Yes, SharmaJi is a Poker player. Only online though but wants to go to Goa one day after he saves some money from his online winnings. But he keeps reminding himself ‘koi jaldi nahi hai.’ After a couple of hands, SharmaJi observes a bluff from the player sitting on his left on this virtual table. SharmaJi is convinced it’s a bluff but stays calm. Wearing his virtual straight face, he checks the flop. The bluffer raises, SharmaJi got his lesson from Mr. Rakesh the same morning and calls. The bluffer raises but lesser this time. SharmaJi keeps his cool and calls again. Pot consists of Rs. 780 now and after a crucial 15 seconds, this time SharmaJi puts in a small value bet and next, player on the left folds.

SharmaJi knows there’s no need to keep that straight face on anymore but he does. That night SharmaJi plays 50 hands after this and wins over 3,000 rupees.

SharmaJi indeed shows an extraordinary example of calmness and certainly makes his progress in saving for Goa.

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