After EPT 2016, PokerStars had tried to rebrand this popular tournament name with their own “PokerStars Championship” but the audience response backfired the trial. After a whole year when EPT came back this year, it was welcomed with open arms. The Main Event finished just yesterday and the first winner of the new journey of EPT is Russian Arseniy Karmatskiy.

Karmatskiy is a gem of a poker player with more than $2m to his credit from online tourneys. The felt was 861 and surfed through the tide of poker skills to take down the prize money of  $478,451 and a $30,000 PokerStars Platinum Pass from his $3,300 entry.

Karmatskiy On the Final Day

Arseniy Karmatskiy was more or less the star on the final day. Not only did he began with the chip lead but also eliminated most of his competitors.

Surprisingly, even after keeping a steady game at the felt, at one point, Vikjtor Shegai snatched the chip lead from him. After Andrey Kaygorodsev and Sergey Kerzhakov’s elimination at the hands of Karmatskiy, Shegai took down a huge pot from him to take the chip lead.

It was like a close cut battle between Karmatskiy and Shegai. Karmatskiy, after losing his chip lead to Shegai, didn’t let him hold the title for too long. He attacked Shegai’s chip stack and recovered both his losses and chip lead.

Post conquering the chip lead, Karmatskiy busted Vahe Martiroysyan and Ernest Shakarian in the 4th and 3rd place, respectively. Now it was the time for heads-up- Karmatskiy Vs Shegai.

At the heads-up battle, Karmatskiy began the game with 4:1 chip lead. The deal didn’t take much time to close. Shegai shoved in his nine big blinds with his  {j-Clubs} {8-Clubs} and  Karmatskiy called with  {q-Spades} {10-Diamonds}. Already ahead, Karmatskiy wrapped things up by making a top pair on a {q-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds} {7-Spades} {6-Hearts} run-out to send Sheghai packing as runner-up, good for a $290,225 payday.

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