We caught up with the first Double Millionaire winner Vikash Khaitan. He’s a name now known to almost everyone in the poker circuit, not just for winning the biggest tournament twice, but also for his strong views on social media. Read his thoughts on what got him this far and on the controversies that have dogged him in the past months.

Question: What has your poker journey been like?

Vikash Khaitan: I was a zynga poker player till May 2016. When I started playing with real money, I was a donk player, losing more than 30 Lakhs in 2-3 months time initially. Back then I was playing only live cash games at a few Kolkata clubs. I took a break of 3 months post that. After demonetisation, I again started to play online poker at Spartan. I again lost around 18 Lakhs in December on cash tables.

Q: You are the first person to win the Millionaire twice on The Spartan Poker. How does it feel.

VK: It’s an amazing feeling to win Millionaire twice.

Q: How were your experiences playing the 2 tournaments? Did you have to do things differently from how you normally play?

VK: Both tournaments were very different experiences for me. In the 1st Tourney, I was very comfortable and it was easier for me than the 2nd one. This was because in the 1st, I was running in the top 20 through most of the tourney and I didn’t have to fire additional bullets.

But the 2nd tourney was most unbelievable. I lost 6 bullets and the chip leader had a more than 2 Lakhs stack by the time I used my 7th bullet. I used different tactics in the 2nd tourney than the 1st with many more risky spots.

Q: Any hands that you feel turned things in your favour?

VK: Yes there were 2 hands with pocket 6s and unsuited 2-8 that turned things around for me.

Vikash Khaitan hitting a set with pocket 6s
A lucky one card straight

Q: Your performances of late have been spectacular. What is the reason behind the success?

VK: The reason is my fearless play after reaching ITM. I now play for winning; not for payjumps. So I just try to play very aggressively to reach a good position and then go from there. And somehow, luck also favoured me 😊

Q: You were recently part of a controversial topic regarding 100% selling of packs. What are your thoughts on this and how would you like to reply to your detractors?

VK: Regarding controversies for my 100% packs, I don’t bother with all the guys who comment negatively on me and my packs anymore.

I am still in huge debt, so I decided, I will sell 100% packs till I become debt-free. I kept a very low share in my July Millionaire pack. Afterwards, I started putting clauses of bigger profit shares for me, but only if I cashed huge because I believe that I am capable of doing miracles and creating history (which I did with winning the Millionaire twice).

Many tried to stop me selling my packs with various bullying tactics and trolls. They said, I play to spew chips because I am free-rolling my investors’ money. When someone got a beat from me on the table, they started to say terrible things to me about the free-rolling.⁠⁠⁠⁠

But I have continued getting big results and that has helped me sell my packs. Finally, they have failed in their attempts to discredit me.

I also keep some reserves to buy some action from other players to reduce my variance beacuse I can face a bad run too. But as I am a full time poker player now, I use my own funds to buy other player’s packs, so that I can earn through them if I fail to get good scores. For that too many guys, including some big names, said negative things about me that, “If I have money to buy other’s packs, why I am not putting this money on my packs and instead selling 100%”. The reason is that I do not have enough funds to do both. Sometimes, other players brick and my bad run coincides. I do not wish to run the risk of going broke.

Many known pros have unfairly targeted me in public. AB99, ShakuniMama (whom I don’t even know) and Boronyx are some of the players who’ve surprised me with their comments against me.

I have a simple rule – “Live & let live”. I am not scamming anyone. While selling packs, I try my best to write all terms and conditions in a crystal-clear way and all my investors are very well aware of the risks involved before buying my packs. It’s absurd if someone still calls me as scammer.

I always try to protect my investors’ money in various ways. Many times after busting with all the bullets in the pack, I use extra bullets from my own pocket to try and do miracles. And if I succeed, I try to compensate the pack. Sometimes, I even offer freeroll for my previous investors who are in loss.

In conclusion, I don’t think, people who are not involved in my packs should criticize me.

Q: What plans going ahead?

VK: I have some plans lined up. I am in search of a few long-term investors who can invest in me regularly. In such a case, I can devote more time on improving my game and use tools to play better and in a more organised fashion. I feel I can guarantee big results in time if I can get investors.

Q: What advice would you give to other players?

VK: Everyone has some unique and special skills (very different from others). Always try to grow that unique skill-set and you will definitely be able to create miracles if you are confident enough in yourself.

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