A remarkably busy two days at the Deltin Poker Tournament ended with a new Deltin Poker Tournament Main Event Champion late on Sunday night.

Nitin Gupta was the last man standing in the DPT 35k Main Event, claiming the title and prize of ₹28,06,600. He oversaw the challenge of Kiran Kumar (2nd for ₹17,15,200) and Rajesh Goyal (₹11,43,500) enroute to becoming champion.

Play continued till late and when the last hand was played, the clock read almost 4:00 am! In the final hand of the tournament, Kiran Kumar limped in from the button and Nitin raised. At this point, Kumar shoved with his   and got snap called by Nitin Gupta, who was holding  . The board came   , giving  Nitin two pairs – queens and fours – and eliminating Kumar in the runner up position.

(L to R) Nitin Gupat, Kiran Kumar and Rajesh Goyal

Meanwhile, at three handed play, Kiran Kumar raised 200k on the button and Rajesh Goyal shoved with 1.3 Million chips and got over shoved by Nitin Gupta  in the big blind. Kiran Kumar then folded.




Rajesh lost the pot against Nitin’s High Card and cashed for ₹11,43,500 in 3rd place.


The tournament had drawn a sizeable crowd with the first 30 places paid. The minimum cash was ₹62,400. Many of the top pros in the country were in participation. Among the known names were Adda52 pros Kunal Patni and Tarun Goyal, and celebrity pro Minissha Lamba. Eka Vedantham was among the pros to make it to the final table.

Final Table Results:

1. Nitin Gupta – ₹28,06,600

2. Kiran Kumar – ₹17,15,200

3. Rajesh Goyal – ₹11,43,500

4. Rajesh Rajpoot – ₹8,31,600

5. Eka Vedantham – ₹7,27,770

6. Sachin Chandani – ₹5,71,800

7. Guneet Kwatra – ₹4,67,800

8. Himanshu Thukral – ₹3,12,000

9. Ankush Aryan – ₹1,81,900

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