Looks like, finally, Mike ‘DarkKnight17’ Coombs was able to break the curse and win the Rattlesnake Open title at the Global Poker Championship. It had been three times in last Global Poker tournaments that Mike had to settle with position number 2. However, all’s well that ends well. The Rattlesnake Open title and the accompanying championship trophy landed on his table, in addition, to a prize money of SC$3,560 for securing the top position at Event #12.

After a hard-earned win, this is what the Rattlesnake Open title holder had to say, “It was great to get the win. This is the fourth time I’ve been heads-up for a Series Event. It was awesome to finally close one out.”

DarkKnight17 On Top

Mike Coombs did not get the win so easily though. The board ran a deuce after he went all-in pre-flop with his ace-ten against his opponent’s ace-two. Hence, putting ‘GILFhunter269’ in a 2-1 chip lead. While Coombs still had his eyes on going 0-4 in heads-up.

Here’s an insight from Coomb’s strategy he applied at the online event. “I ended up regaining the chip lead through pure exploitative poker and eventually got him all in with another dominated ace and managed to hold on this time for the win!”

Streaming on Global Poker, the Rattlesnake Open will be running through May 20. ‘DarkKnight17’ could be the one to grab the leaderboard title that rewards the winner with the opportunity to represent Global Poker at a live poker tournament. The win is an all-expenses-paid by Global Poker at the event. This includes the tournament buy-in, hotel accommodations, and travel costs up to $5,000.

DarkKnight17 has made quite a few notable wins including a title two months ago in a $300 buy-in event at the Muckleshoot Spring Classic for $20,000. Last year, he reached the final table of $1,500 H.O.R.S.E at the WSOP adding a handsome amount of $45,281 to his bankroll.

Global Poker reps have had a history of crushing it at the live tournaments. With ‘DarkKnight’ grinding success, both online and live, his chances of keeping up with the site rep reputation look more than promising.

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