As the price of Bitcoin has reached impressively high, a new cryptocurrency poker site claims to be in a position to revolutionize the industry. While a few people see this advancement as something that would take the game out of a regulated environment, supporters believe that it would be unfair to refute the level of security and transparency that is offered by blockchain – a fairly new phenomenon. Since each block of information is time-stamped and linked to a previous block by a hash pointer, instances of fraud are virtually impossible and can be easily pinpointed if and when they do occur.

A new online poker site, CoinPoker, using blockchain technology, has gone live for free play gaming offering a pre-initial coin offering (ICO) on Nov. 16. The site’s real money gaming options won’t officially launch until January. The idea of using blockchain technology to process payments and verify a site’s random number generator is based on solid fundamentals, and some believe it will instead revert the industry.

While showing his support for the CoinPoker, Cryptocurrency enthusiast and a professional poker player, Tony G aka Antanas Guoga stated, Poker is my passion. I love this game. But online #poker is sick & some things need 2 be changed there. Blockchain & cryptocurrencies could make poker trustworthy again.”

Investopedia’s Joe Liebkind suggested that internet gaming regulations could see more sites implement new payment systems, in a September article when cryptocurrency betting sites and new regulations were taken into consideration. According to Liebkind, this is why “bitcoin was built, and will remain, an unregulated solution” not only in the world at large but particularly in the gaming community.

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