A movie, a story, and a truth. Cracking Aces: A Woman’s Place at the Table is grabbing eyeballs at a number of film festivals. With another show coming up at the film fest in Indiana in June, the talked-about documentary is hoping to be screened in Las Vegas during the WSOP.

The movie captures the ordeals of women who took upon themselves to challenge the patriarchal society at the poker tables. Their unshaken struggle against people who create an unwelcoming environment for women. Things are changing, thanks to women of poker who refused to take ‘No’ for an answer. 2018 is a remarkable year as women voiced louder and stronger and participated in a global movement like #MeToo.

The film’s producer, Flagler College communication professor Dr. Tracy Halcomb said,“The mistreatment of women in poker is a decades-long problem, but now the world is listening.”


The Documentary

The documentary features several poker players’ interviews. Director H.James Gilmore has included interviews of the newest inductees into the Women in Poker Hall of FameMaria Ho and Lupe Soto.


Cracking Aces Reviews

Cracking Aces is gathering positive reviews from around the world.

Joan Casamo commented on Facebook:

“I realized halfway through the movie that I had a big smile on my face and it continued throughout the film. Excellent!”

Emily DeLaine tweeted:

“So grateful to have amazing women to look up to in a male-dominated industry.” #WSOPMainEvent2017 #Womeninpoker


The Screenings

The poker documentary has been screened at some of the prestigious film festivals which include-

The Sunscreen Film Festival,

The Sarasota Film Festival,

Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival,

The Silicon Beach Film Festival in Los Angeles.

A couple of festivals where the screening is due in the coming months are-

The Hobnobben Film Festival in June and,

The University Film & Video Association national conference in July.


The Inspiration

Speaking to a Flagler College reporter, Halcomb brought up the unacceptable disparity at the poker tables.  The producer went to say that poker is an all intellect game and size does not matter. Therefore, there is no reason why 95% of player fields should have men only. This puzzling inequality is the inspiration behind Cracking Aces.

Halcomb also said, Of course, there are still some short-sighted men who would prefer that women simply polish the glass ceiling instead of break it. But I’d like to believe that the number of men who think that way is dwindling, and it’s movies like Cracking Aces that will shine a light on the issue even more. We did this for everyone playing poker, not just women playing poker,” Halcomb said. “Creating change in the poker industry makes the game better for everyone.”

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