West Indies ace cricketer Chris Gayle is going to be the brand ambassador for the super high roller Deltin Poker Tournament Colossus(DPT). The tournament will take off on 26th April 2018, and continue until the 29th of the month.

“The storm hits DPT Colossus in Goa! Am I seeing you at DPT Colossus?” Gayle promoting the tournament.

The Tournament

DPT Colossus is a high roller tournament hosted bi-monthly by Delta Corp and Adda52 at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa. Players can claim their share from an estimated prize pool of ₹2 Crore. The buy-in ranges from ₹20,000 to ₹2 Lakhs. Slated to stream over a period of 4 days, the celebrated tournament comprises five events.

Gayle has an exceptional scorecard to his name. Being a sports icon, the Jamaican origin cricketer easily fits into the league of sports icons who endorse poker as a mind sport. Quite obvious, why Adda52 roped him to promote one of its high-value tournaments.

Gayle, Cricket, And Poker

Owing to a decorated career, Gayle is not just a cricket player. He’s a sports celebrity. His cricket career boasts of over 400 international games for West Indies, and he is currently leading the Punjab XI team in the Indian Premier League.

Fondly called as World Boss, Gayle is an all-rounder who is well recognized for his amazing cricket against the strongest teams in the world. Whether it’s One Day, T20 or Test Cricket, Gayle has proved his mettle as a first-class cricketer in all formats. He is also known for his adept poker skills.

The Caribbean superstar certainly knows how to juggle two sports at one go. One challenges your physical endurance, the other puts you at wit’s end. It would be interesting to watch the cricketer battle out a victory at the felts. The Caribbean superstar will be seen playing the ₹2-Lakh Buy-in super high roller at the DPT Colossus in Goa on April 27.

Adda52 founder and CEO, Anuj Gupta is all excited about the whole event and this is what he had to say-“We are very happy to have Chris Gayle playing the DPT Colossus in Goa. Can’t wait to see who knocks him out!”

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