According to the latest disclosure in the ongoing court case against the ex-CEO of Amaya David Baazov, the Canadian entrepreneur was kept in the dark and never the true majority shareholder of the business.

As per the claims made by the Canadian financial regulator Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) in recently filed court documents, Josh Baazov and his business partner Craig Levett held the real power in Amaya (now Stars Group). The documents propose that Baazov and Levett actually owned 75% of the shares in 2007 at a time when David was listed as the sole and total shareholder of Amaya with David operating as a “nominee” by holding the shares on behalf of his brother and his partner. There have also been numerous speculation over the past couple of years as to the true involvement of Joshua Baazov and Craig Levett in the business.

The evidence being cited by the AMF is the “secret agreement” between the two brothers which has been seized from the mobile phone of Joshua Baazov.

As of now, the AMF have only charged Josh and Levett with profiting through trading on inside information about potential mergers and acquisitions involving Amaya in between 2011-2016. Moreover, Josh’s prior charges of possession of cocaine and telemarketing fraud likely means he would have all the more reason to keep his involvement in online gambling hidden.

A representative of David Baazov responded to the allegations saying, “Through prejudicial leaks, false declarations, and persistent insinuations, this affair is transformed into interminable fishing. The AMF continues to manage this case in the court of public opinion because it cannot win in court. David never held Amaya shares for anyone other than himself.

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