Australian poker pro, Bobby Zhang made his maiden voyage to India memorable in more than one way. Zhang landed on the Indian ground with a vacation on his mind, but destiny had different plans for him. The Aussie could not stop but indulge in the ₹30K Main Event Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament series April Edition. The result was a spectacular win awarding him the tournament title and a prize money of ₹17 lakhs. This is Zhang’s 7th live title exceeding $650,000 in career cash.

Zhang’s victory was sweet as it didn’t come very easy. One of the biggest and most popular events on the schedule, the Baadshah Gaming Live April’18 Main Event was flooded with as many as 187 entries. Entries across the two starting flights created a massive prize pool of ₹56 Lakhs paying the top 18 places.

The final day started off with 70 survivors, with Pavan Jain leading the charts at 280,200 stacks. A stack of 122,200 chips is what Zhang began with. The Aussie, however, did not take long to lead the stacks with 1,123,000 chip count. His graph undulated but the pro managed to stay firm throughout. It was really commendable on Zhang’s part to continue with a wonderful game in spite of medical discomfort.

Few big shots who could not make it to the final table-

  1. Manoj Pentakota (11th place for ₹60,000),
  2. Rakesh Sharma (12th place for ₹60,000),
  3. Vidwath Shetty (13th place for ₹60,000),
  4. Rajat Sharma (14th place for ₹60,000),
  5. Anurag Shrivastava (15th place for ₹50,000),
  6. Shashank Jain (16th place for ₹50,000),
  7. Sunny Grrewal (17th place for ₹50,000) and
  8.  Meherzad Munsaf (18th place ₹50,000)

The money bubble busted at Arzoo Jiwani (19th place) when her ace-ten were called off by Manoj Pentakota’s king-queen.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Bobby Zhang – 1,123,000
  2. Bibek Karki – 709,000
  3. Chiraag Patel – 685,000
  4. Pavan Jain – 662,000
  5. Ronak Agarwal – 472,000
  6. Ashish Ahuja – 446,000
  7. Vaibhav Shah – 446,000
  8. Saurabh Arora – 427,000
  9. Chirag Sodha – 427,000
  10. Amit Ajwani – 327,000

The Final Table

After Vaibhav Shah fell off at 10th position, the final table was all set to begin with 9 hands. Ashish Ahuja was the first to leave after his king-five ran into Saurabh Arora’s pocket kings. The rundown was all hearts.

Ronak Agarwal opened with ace-king against Amit Ajwani’s pocket tens. The flop showed an ace and Ajwani walked out.

The table cleared of tenured players like Pavan Jain, Chirag Sodha, Bibek Karki, Ronak Agarwal, and Chiraag Patel. Finally, it was Bobby Zhang and Saurabh Arora left to lock horns at the heads-up match.

The Final Hand

In the final hand, Saurabh Arora came all-in with queen-jack. Zhang called with ace-nine. The river revealed eight-two-six-two-ten giving away the Baadshah Gaming Live April’18 Main Event champion title to Zhang.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Bobby Zhang – ₹17,00,000
  2. Saurabh Arora – ₹12,00,000
  3. Chiraag Patel – ₹8,00,000
  4. Ronak Agarwal – ₹5,00,000
  5. Bibek Karki – ₹3,00,000
  6. Chirag Sodha ₹2,20,000
  7. Pavan Jain – ₹1,60,000
  8. Amit Ajwani – ₹1,25,000
  9. Ashish Ahuja – ₹90,000

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