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BankRoll Challenge At 9High

The BankRoll Challenge at 9High will be held from March 25- April 14, 2018, roping Texas Hold’em players. Entries will close on March 22.

With minimal investment and maximum dedication, you ought to earn a comfortable reserve that will help bring out the best poker player in you.

Playing BRC at 9High is a great opportunity to build up your bankroll, and confidence, required to move up the ladder.

The good news is that there’s no minimum hands criterion for withdrawal. All you need to do is, just fulfil the VIP Criteria and your win is ready to roll. So, not only exciting hands but no-hustle BRC promises exceptional poker experience for all the players.

A spectacular poker time teamed with even more spectacular prizes awaits.

To register, apply here-


Bankroll Challenge Details

  • BRC Texas Holdem will be conducted over a 3-week period. Starting from 25th March 2018 12:00:00 AM to 14th April 2018 23:59:59 PM.
  • There are two categories in the challenge, based on the stakes: Mid & Small
  • Mid: 10/20 to 25/50 – Maximum 15 Players
  • Low: Up to 5/10 – Maximum 15 Players
  • Participants have to choose one of the above two categories to enter the Challenge. Participants will get 5x of the amount they invest in their initial Bankroll.
    • Mid: Deposit 10K – Get 50K Bankroll
    • Low: Deposit 2K – Get 10K Bankroll

The 5x Bankroll will be released as follows-

  • BR will be given in 3 phases beginning of each week in the ratio 2:2:1.
  • Bankroll will be released in 3 Phases
    • Phase 1: 2X of Bankroll will be released on 25th March, at the start of the BRC.
    • Phase 2: 2X of Bankroll will be released on 1st April, at the start of the 2nd
    • Phase 3: 1X of Bankroll will be released on 8th April, at the start of the 3rd
  • A rebuy option into the BR will be there. If someone busts his BR before the week is over an option to deposit the same amount capped at Rs 10k for mid-stakes & Rs 2k for low stakes. Depending on the week the participant is in, they will get a 2x or 1x one time BR.
  • Participants are restricted to play only within the stakes defined in their Category, for the entire duration of BRC.
  • Participants are not allowed to play on Heads-up tables for the entire duration of BRC.
  • Participants are not allowed to play any tournaments with their allotted Bankroll for the entire duration of BRC. They can, however, deposit separately and play all our tournaments.

Bankroll Challenge Leader Board

  • There will be 2 sets of leaderboards. One for Low Stakes & 1 for mid stakes.
  • o Low Stakes: 1st – 10k 2nd – 5k & 3rd – 3k

o Mid Stakes: 1st – 25k 2nd – 15k & 3rd – 10k

  • Players are eligible to chase the leaderboard for their category only.
  • The participants need to complete the BRC with 100% criteria to qualify for the Leaderboard Prizes

The Selection procedure

  • Applications will be accepted until 21st March 2018, 11 PM. Based on the applications received, www.9HighPoker will invite participants based on the quality of their application.
  • Based on when they submit the application, selected participants will receive an invite to join the challenge, latest by 22nd March 2018, 11 PM.
  • Once a participant receives an invitation, he/she has one day to acknowledge the invite and deposit the required amount on 9HighPoker, latest by 24th March 2018, 4 PM.
  • The participant will receive their Part 1 of bankroll by 24th March 2018, 11:30 PM.
  • If for any reason, the participant fails to do so his application will be considered void.

The Cashout Criteria

  • Any player participating in this BRC agrees to lock his balance until the end of the program or until he finishes the target of VIP Points. No cash out requests will be entertained during the course of the program otherwise.
  • Leaderboard prizes will be provided at the end of the program.
  • In case of BR being negative, the loss will be shared in the same ratio as the BR deposit given. For example, Player A deposits 10k & gets 50k BR taking the total BR to 60k. At the end of the BR period, the roll stands at 48k. The player can only withdraw up to 8k from the amount he deposited. IF he meets 100% criteria then he gets a part of the BR as well. Please refer tables below.


Deposit Bank Roll VIP Point Criteria
Stakes Amount Given for withdrawal
Stakes 2000 10000 400
Stakes 10000 50000 2000


Stakes 100% Criteria Met 50% – 100% 25-50% 0-25%
100% Profits + Deposit left + 50% BR 50% Profits + 25% Profits +
Low Stakes provided left + LB prize if any Deposit left Deposit left Deposit left
100% Profits + Deposit left + 50% BR 50% Profits + 25% Profits +
Mid Stakes provided left + LB prize if any Deposit left Deposit left Deposit left

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