Jao Poker, a US faced online poker website, is allegedly no longer operating and most has probably shut down. According to a couple of online forums, the website has shunned away its responsibility of settling the remaining player balances.

Backdrop Of Jao Poker:

This Cambodia based poker website claimed to have a Cambodian license and used the strategy of multi-level marketing for expanding business. The members in the supposed pyramid scheme had to pay $250 to the site to remain at their level with Paypal the medium of transaction.

A post from Witteles as well as Two Plus Two thread on Jao Poker which both date from mid-2017 indicate the beginning of the troubles for the website. However, the first signs of significant trouble surfaced quite recently.

An user claimed in the latter thread that he had requested a cash out from the site in bitcoins for  $1,550 on Feb. 3. The user also stated that the site was totally unresponsive in this regard despite an initial promise to clear payouts in three business days.

Within the next 24 hours after the user’s statement, on February 20, Witteles screencapped what appears to be an email from Jao Poker, stating that the site had closed up shop.

“If we have any updates on Jaopoker and members poker balances we will let you know in the community pokerchat,” the mail says.

Tam Nguyen, site representative of Jao Poker bid farewell via Facebook, essentially informing the players that the site is no longer responsible for any of their money.

“I don’t have anyone’s money,” he wrote. “I didn’t own the site. Jao is like any other business. You do well and thrive or try to do well and still fail. For those who joined the ride it was good while it lasted.”

The number of players affected by this sudden grounding of the website is not yet known

This instance of Jao Poker is a further instance for poker players around the globe to avoid investing in unregulated sites wherever possible.

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