An Italian player with gaming name ‘Tanzanka’ took down the coveted SCOOP Main Event staying behind the anonymity of the web. The unknown winner outdid Austria’s Julian nailuj90 Stuer at the heads-up and secured the winner’s paycheck of $11,33,160 at the end of the day. The event was a 183-event series and paid the first 80 positions, handsomely.

As the Italian poker site, pointed out before the final day’s play of the flagship finale to the two-week long SCOOP festival, “The ‘Mister X’ of our online poker lives in Austria and – although playing with the red and white flag on – is 100% blue.

There were poker pros like Niklas ‘Lena900’ Astedt, Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen and Max ‘mikki696’ Lehmanski etc. who also participated at the event. The anonymous player, after defeating all these pros entered into the heads-up against  Stuer. Throughout the game, the chip lead went back and forth, several times.

Stuer’s greed ended up costing him dearly after the pair discussed an ICM deal which would have given them both $900k+, with $130,800 and the title left to play for, but the Austrian asked for $2k plus change more…

Thus, the battle resumed and went on to be fierce.

Finally, the ultimate phase dawned right at dawn, sometime after 5 am (local time). At that moment, Stuer was desperate for a diamond or a six to hit the river to save him. But, Tanzanka’s  Broadway Straight was more competent and thus snatched the title and $1million+ top prize.

All That The Poker World Knows About The Stranger

The anonymous player Tanzanka also has a  WCOOP title to his name that he won last year. On being asked by the commentator during the last year’s heads-up, whether he would answer few questions or not, Tanzanka chose not to and politely declined.

Thus, the intrigue in the poker world, about such a talented player is not unnatural. Undoubtedly, poker world is blessed to have such talented players.

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