Amanda Gillard emerged as the winner of The 2017 WSOP Sydney Circuit Ladies Event where 117 female poker players participated against an investment of $330.

Among them, there were quite a number of notable players like Amanda Wong, Hannah Lee, Suzy Khoueis, Mele Poulivaati, Fidan Shevket, Jen Bernard, Michelle Psarras, Ashleigh Tran, Jane Howard, Erolyn Strang and Despina Yiannikoulias.

Out of these, Suzy Khoueis, apparently posed the biggest competition to the rest 116 players. The reason being simple- she had adequate experience and skill to win the event. Not only was Khoueis the reigning champion in this event, she also won the 2017 Star Poker Festival Ladies Event and the 2017 Sydney Champs event. It was not unknown that Khoueis had won every ladies event in the past year held in the Star Poker Room. But soon the tables turned and surprisingly, Khoueis couldn’t even qualify to the final table.

Amanda Gillard

At the end, Amanda Gillard and Leanne Haas were left for the heads up game. This heads up was quite simple for  Gillard since she had the chip lead.

Hass with {q-Hearts}{j-Spades} was battling against Gillard who had {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} in the final hand. Although both of them had a pair of queens, the board of {3-Clubs}{q-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{a-Spades}  saw Amanda winning the event with a better kicker.

Final Table Results

Seat Name Prize
1 Amanda Gillard $10,354
2 Leanne Haas $6,508
3 Quin Jian $4,633
4 Evelyn Ruiz $3,366
5 Queenie Kim $2,493
6 Stephanie Lee $1,882
7 Miki Wan $1,447
8 Mele Fishiihoi $1,134
9 Luba Pase $904

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