The reputation associated with the PokerStars MPC is not unknown by anyone who dwells in the poker landscape. The prestigious event wrapped up over the weekend with  Alvan Zheng and Mikita Badziakouski, securing to their credit, the winning titles of  HK$15,000 Red Dragon Main Event and the HK$80,000 High Roller, respectively.

Zheng took down HK$3,055,000, or approximately $390,000, and Badziakouski scored about $297,000. Both players also bagged platinum passes to the $9 million-added PokerStars Players Championship to be held in 2019.

The Red Dragon Main event hosted a field of 1,122 entries which soared the prize pool to over HK$14.6 million, or nearly $1.9 million.  Both poker notables and upcoming poker pros showcased active participation. Poker celebrities like Johan Schumacher, Henrik Tollefson, Yang Zhang, Aditya Agarwal and Matthew Moss were among the 135 who cashed.

Mikita Badziakouski

The felt catering to 1122 entrants was narrowed down to 9 players by the beginning of the Final Table. Zheng had maintained quite significant hold over his stacks throughout, complementing his grip over the game.

Mainly, the winner and the first two runners-up had fought neck to neck to snatch the winner’s title and prize money, during the last phase of the Final table.

Though the gap between the blinds of Hong and Zheng wasn’t too engulfing, Zheng received support from the board to quite an extent and was eventually coronated as the winner at the end of the event.

Official Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Alvan Zheng HK$3,055,000
2 Junhao Hong HK$1,824,000
3 Jiang Huang HK$1,094,000
4 Zhenhua Lu HK$800,000
5 Aleksei Opalikhin HK$540,000
6 Dongqi Lin HK$394,000
7 Minho Lee HK$336,000
8 Tong Zhou HK$292,000
9 Jiming Chen HK$248,000

High Roller

The initial buy-in for this game was comparatively more thus, it attracted lesser number of entrants. 124 players in total, registered for the event or a prize pool just over HK$9.2 million, or just under $1.2 million. India’s Raghav Bansal finished an impressive 4th in the event for a cool ₹69.42 Lakhs.

By the beginning of the final table, the felt had narrowed down to 9 players. The elimination followed in the order- Martin Kozlov (9th position), Masaki Nakano (8th position), Ben Lai (7th position), Dasheng Chen (6th position), Matthew Moss (5th position), Raghav Bansal (4th position) and Elliot Smith (3rd position).

After the elimination of Smith, Martinez and Badziakouski indulged in a heads-up battle and Badziakouski’s 7-1 chip lead proved unsurmountable for his opponent.

Official Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Mikita Badziakouski HK$2,324,000
2 Raul Martinez HK$1,570,000
3 Elliot Smith HK$1,021,000
4 Raghav Bansal HK$845,500
5 Matthew Moss HK$682,000
6 Dasheng Chen HK$538,000
7 Ben Lai HK$411,020
8 Masaki Nakano HK$309,000
9 Martin Kozlov HK$231,000

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