One of India’s finest online Poker website, rolls out something new and exciting for its regulars today. loves to provide its loyals with a sudden adrenaline rush in between regular schedules. When, on one hand, the website is rolling out the all-time hot favourites of the Baazigars, another note-worthy tournament has already made to its list – Time Bomb Tournaments. Dear Baazigars, now chase time and not the pot.

Time is never restricted for poker enthusiasts. Poker is a game which can be played for hours together and your aim should be taking down one pot after the other, consequently. But what if, poker starts running on the theory of Darwin? – “the survival of the fittest” And that too for a limited time?

Time Bomb gives you two lucid agendas- survive till the game is on and try and accumulate as many chips as you can. Although, this is not a new tournament format but it’s the first time to roll out on India’s most trusted poker website-


There are 4  deposit codes to choose from-

1) TIMEBOMB100: Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 100+10 tournament.

Minimum deposit 100

Withdrawal criterion 10 VIP points

2) TIMEBOMB200 : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 200+20 tournament.

Minimum deposit 200

Withdrawal criterion 20 VIP points

3) TIMEBOMB500 : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 500+50 tournament.

Minimum deposit 500

Withdrawal criterion 50 VIP points

4) TIMEBOMB1000: Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 1000+100 tournament.

Minimum deposit 1000

Withdrawal criterion 100 VIP points


The idea is, whoever survives till the end, walks away with a part of the prize money. The tournament starts at 2 pm in the afternoon and the final alarm rings at midnight, every day. This duration of 10 hours is divided into 10 slots of 4 varieties to choose from.

TIME BOMB starts at 2 PM and runs every hour for a duration of 15 minutes only. The buy-in ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.1000. All you have to do is survive in the game for 15 minutes, and secure maximum chips to get your share of the prize pool.

So, now that you are fully informed about this new trend, it would be unwise to let go of the opportunity. Because now, earning on an online poker website has not only become easier but also time friendly.

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