Vidwath Shetty

Vidwath Shetty Ships The ₹10K + ₹5K Bounty Event At The Baadshah Gaming LIVE Tournament Series

Baadshah Gaming LIVE Tournament Series is underway and is featuring a lot of...

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Poker Gets Its International Set Of Rules- PartyPoker Accepts The International Poker Rules By Lüske

Flying Dutchman Marcel Lüske has been acquainted with poker for quite a long...

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Aditya Sushant Ships The 10K Warm Up Event At The Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament

Aditya Sushant, one of the most accomplished pros of Indian poker circuit, won...

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Japan To Legalize Casino Resorts- The Bill Awaits The Vote To Become A Law

Another country is paving way for casinos to be featured in the Integrated...

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All About Bluff- The “Wazir” Of Poker

Bluff is one of the most widely prevalent poker strategies and also a very...

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SCOOP- All Set To Begin In Full Glory

Spring Championship of Online Poker, famously known as SCOOP is back with its...

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Women In Poker Hall Of Fame 2018- Enter The Queens Of Hearts

A total of 11 names have already been shortlisted and the wait just began. Who...

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Cold War Ensues Between Doug Polk And Daniel Negreanu- This Time On the Pretext Of Summer Schedule

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk are two gems of the poker industry. But...

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Patel’s Writ Petition Quashed, But The Allegation On Poker Is Reduced

Recently, Bombay High Court passed an order quashing the writ petition filed...

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Richard Branson’s Virgin Group Takes Over The Hard Rock Hotel

If, on your trip to Vegas, you haven’t visited the Hard Rock hotel and...

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