After the huge success of  Monthly and Weekly Stacker contests where winners won grand prizes like smartphones to generous cash rewards(1st prize 4 lac, 2nd prize 3 lac, 3rd prize 2 lac etc.), 9stacks comes up with yet another exciting cash race this summer!


TexaSmash is a unique cash race where you accumulate StackUp points to get to the top 20 on the leaderboard this May to win from a guaranteed prize pool of Rs. 5 Lakh (minimum). But that’s not the only unique thing about this contest. For every hand played and every StackUp point generated by any player on the TexaSmash tables, the GTD increases by Re 1.

Therefore, the total GTD at the end of the month will be calculated like this: 5 lakh + Rs. 1 X 1 Stackup Point generated by any player on the table.

However, no StackUp point booster promos like Happy Hours or Level up promos will be taken into account in the calculation of the final GTD. Each player’s base loyalty points will only be taken into account for this contest.

The contest started on the 16th of May and will end on 31st May. There are special Texas Holdem cash tables marked with the tag, ‘Smash’ that will run at all times. Players can choose to play on these tables anytime. Their StackUp points will be calculated accordingly to be posted on the TexaSmash Leaderboard. It has been a week since the contest went live and the GTD has already increased by Rs. 60,000!  Read more about the tournament here:


Go on, #SmashtheStakes now on 9stacks!

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