Another country is paving way for casinos to be featured in the Integrated Resorts- Japan. In 2016, on majority voting, the Japanese Government released a possible outline of the regulations, that new IRs featuring casinos, would abide by. After that, the new list of revised regulations came on in February 2018, although the decision makers are not yet at the same platform.

This week Reuters reports that “key points needed to finalize legislation of large ‘integrated’ resorts” have now been agreed to by Japan’s ruling coalition, which means the legislation will now move on to the Japanese parliament for a vote.

One spectacular part of all this is that the casino would be occupying 3% of the total space used by the IR, opposing the previous area limit of 15000 square meters.

“They are heading in the right direction,” said William Shen who serves as managing director of Korea and Japan for Caesars Entertainment Corp.“We remain highly enthusiastic about the Japan opportunity.”
The legalization of casinos in Japan is going to do real good to the Japanese revenue. It is expected by Industry analysts that Casinos will reap more than $10 billion revenue for the country each year.
There is only one immediate hitch for now. Going by the current schedule of the Japanese parliament, it can be inferred that the bill will become a law only in the fall session of the parliament.
Also, on the other hand,  Spain’s Minister of Finance and Public Function Cristobal Montoro,  has proposed to the Spanish Parliament to reduce the tax implied on the online gambling as part of an effort to help the country compete against offshore operators.
Noting Spain’s expectation “to hit $1.22 billion by 2023″ in online gambling revenue, “the suggested tax cut, from the current 25 percent to 20 percent of gross gaming revenue, is intended to draw more legal, licensed operators to Spain’s thriving online gambling market,” reports USA Online Casino.
Reduction in taxes on online gambling will facilitate greater revenue for the Spanish Government at the end of the year.

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