Sachiin Joshi, the former promoter of Match Indian Poker League’s “Goa Kings” team and the league’s founder Raj Kundra, got into a verbal wrangle owing to the discrepancies regarding the non-payment of dues and allegations of rigging the Match IPL team.

Joshi has been alleged of being faulty with his payment of franchise fee for his “Goa Kings” Match IPL team, amounting to ₹40 lakhs and the cheque issued by him has been dishonoured, by Kundra.

In addition to this, Kundra has alleged Joshi of exploiting the publicity and mileage that comes with the League, after which he refused to make any payments and stopped answering his calls and messages. He also added that appropriate legal steps would be taken by Match IPL against Joshi for defaulting on his payment.

Joshi’s representatives have also lashed back in response to the allegations. They have stated that no contract exists between Joshi and Match IPL according to which he is liable to make any payment. Joshi has also alleged that the entire Match IPL held on the 17th and 18th November,2017 was faulty and everything possible was done to ensure that one particular team won the contest and bagged the prize money.

Talking about the rigged Match IPL event, Manoj Asrani, a representative of Sachiin Joshi said, “Raj Kundra initiated a poker tournament by the name of Match IPL and around 10 teams were formed. There were commitments made and the same weren’t delivered. When we got to know that the tournament was rigged for a specific team to win, we withdrew our participation and did not sign any agreement. We made sure that the payments don’t clear as there was nothing to pay for and also informed other partners that we are out of this fraudulent tournament. We are pursuing this legally and will make sure that this goes through the right justice channels.

Both Joshi and Kundra have slammed each other vigorously on their twitter handles and are threatening to sue each other in the court.


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