“Poker is bliss”- rightly proved by Jim Roberts who, even after retiring last year, outlasted a field of 4,515 to win the Borgata Winter Poker Open Event #1: $600 Deep Stack.

The field consisted of poker pros like Mike DentaleJoey GalazzoAnthony MaioDavid JacksonNick Palma and Alex Bolotin who played very well but unfortunately missed the final table. Going by the live updates, Roberts had one of the shortest stacks when he entered the final table- about 15 blinds, while Ryan Hohner was the one lead the way with 22 million at 200,000/400,000/40,000.

Jim Roberts

The elimination began with  Kaganovsky at the ninth position, followed by Alex Rocha at the eighth position,  Agenor Souza at the seventh position, Michael Forca at the sixth position, Yuebin Guo at the fifth position, Vinny Pahuja at the 4th position and Eric Eng at the third position.

The felt was now left for Roberts and Ryan Hohner to encounter each other in a heads-up battle. Although Hohner had started the final table with lead, but by the advent of the heads-up battle, he was left with stack equaling to mere 20 big blinds. It was a do or die situation for both the players. In the course of making a quick move, Hohner shoved over a button raise with {a-Diamonds} {3-Spades} but couldn’t stand before Robert’s {a-Spades} {8-Diamonds}. An  eight on the flop declared Hohner as the first runner up and Roberts as the winner. At the end, Roberts walks away with the winner’s title and prize money $378,391.

Official Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 James Roberts $378,391
2 Ryan Hohner $245,967
3 Eric Eng $166,753
4 Vinny Pahuja $137,168
5 Yuebin Guo $109,971
6 Michael Forca $85,138
7 Agenor Souza $61,489
8 Alex Rocha $43,742
9 Mark Kaganovsky $27,197

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