The Potential That Comes With 1.3 Billion

So why are these numbers important? These numbers indicate one simple rule that applies to any industry within India. And that rule is that if the Indian population is given a new and exciting idea, product, platform, etc. and if they grow an affection towards it, they give it everything they got, to make it larger than life. Cricket, Entertainment, Movie Stars, Sports, and lately Poker are just a few examples that show us what a strength of 1.3 billion can do for your product.

Not too long ago, India went through a phase of complete digitization. Indians were exposed to the age of the internet & smart phones, which made their lives more connected and easier. This resulted in a boom of the online gaming industry & before anyone knew it, poker was one of the fastest growing sports in the Indian market.

A Changing Landscape For Poker

Poker, for the longest time, has been an unwelcome guest in India. That’s because it’s largely considered a game of chance, and gambling is not only frowned upon but illegal in most jurisdictions. It is only in the last 4 or 5 years, that poker has started receiving widespread recognition as a game of skill. There’s a push from sites like Poker Ninja among others, along with the players to get the game classified as one of skill and eventually give it the status of a sport, just like so many others in this country.

Realizing the potential that the Indian market holds for a game like poker, and owing to the legality issues that are still prevalent, many new online poker websites have come into play. The youth, especially in the recent past, has shown a significant inclination toward the game & the number of players joining the online poker bandwagon is gradually picking up a pace with each passing year.

On an average, a regular player spends about 6 – 8 hours playing on these sites. Of course, these players end up losing money as well, but the occasional hefty wins are motivation enough for them to keep coming back for more. That, coupled with the exciting promotions that each and every website continuously offers to the players, makes it impossible to keep your hands off the game. Poker is attracting not just the game lovers but many new players who can’t seem to get enough of it.

A Story To Inspire

Mr. Sachdeva, an IT Consultant by day, was looking for a new hobby when he got introduced to the game of Poker at a friend’s card party. He instantly took a liking for the game & thereafter spent months trying to learn its nuances. He grew so fond of poker, that he decided to try his luck in the online world that didn’t require him to wait till the weekends to get on the felts. He got introduced to Poker Ninja, where he started off with playing freeroll tournaments in order to get a hang of the online formats. In a couple of months, he found himself regularly playing freeroll tournaments and one fine day he managed to secure first place in one of these tourneys. Over time, Mr. Sachdeva made about Rs. 250 with an investment of Rs. 0. As small as the amount was, this little incentive made him a regular Ninja, trying his luck out, in not just tournaments but some small cash games as well.  Sachdeva decided to invest 80% of his last win in a tourney which could win him a ticket to play in one of the bigger tournaments – Vampire Slayer. The Vampire Slayer is a tourney with a high buy-in, tougher contenders & a bigger prize pool. As luck would have it, he went on to win himself that lucky ticket. Turns out, Mr. Sachdeva actually had a knack for poker, and it duly gave him his first BIG win! He finished ITM(in the money) in the main event and took home massive winnings. And there was no looking back. Today, Mr. Sachdeva is a regular player not just on Poker Ninja but in many live games as well having gone on to win many cash games and tournaments.

Such is the power of the game. More importantly, the youth of today recognize this potential in the game. Many players, both young and otherwise, are looking at poker as not just as a hobby or a recreational activity, but as a full-time career choice. India is churning out some very strong poker players who are competing against professionals from all over the world and putting India on a global map.

So as they say, for some, poker is not just a game, it’s a feeling! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you always keep coming back for more!

Written By: Meena Khatri from Poker Ninja
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