Persistence, Passion And Platinum Pass For Nathan Manuel At The Run It Up Reno VII

//Persistence, Passion And Platinum Pass For Nathan Manuel At The Run It Up Reno VII

Persistence, Passion And Platinum Pass For Nathan Manuel At The Run It Up Reno VII

After one hell of a roller-coaster ride, Nathan Manuel acquires the much coveted $30,000 Platinum Pass, finally! Manuel’s passion for the Platinum Pass by PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship led him to pursue a journey like never before.

Where He Found It

It was the Run It Up Reno VII where he found his cherished prize of $30,000 Platinum Pass. A veteran player at the event, Manuel had attended all of the last six editions, therefore, playing here was always on the cards.

In Pursuit of The Pass

Manuel’s attempts to grab the Caribbean adventure started with playing at the PokerStars MegaStack London in the UK. The buy-in for this tournament was marked at £150 and the winning prize was, yes, you guessed it right- the Platinum Pass. However, here, he managed to score a paycheck of £286 min cash only.

Then came Jaime Staples’ offer to give away a Platinum Pass to someone who would accomplish his own UltimateSweat challenge as he did. Staples lost a ton of weight in this endeavour. Manuel took up the challenge of learning Japanese but, ultimately fell short after being selected as one of the finalists.

Next, was the Moneymaker PSPC Tour which clashed with his wedding dates. But, guess what? The gritty Manuel wasn’t deterred from going after his mission.

Then, in August, he played at the Stones Gambling Hall in California where he finished 34th and the Pass was claimed by Cliff Ellefson.

So, it was after a series of happenings that the PSPC Pass came his way with the Run It Up Reno. The player sounded exhilarated and said, “It’s so reassuring that I’m now gonna go play poker for $25,000.”

If you find Manuel’s journey to win the Platinum Pass inspiring enough then you may want to follow his footsteps and bag your own Pass to The Bahamas in January 2019. Run It Up Reno has one more pass on offer. Also, The Moneymaker Tour is on and there are two stops left. And, last but not least, a Feeding South Florida charity event on November 13 is also giving away a Platinum Pass to the winner.

So, don’t let the opportunity pass by!

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