Poker Blogs By Some Of The Most Renowned Poker Players Of Our Generation

//Poker Blogs By Some Of The Most Renowned Poker Players Of Our Generation

Poker Blogs By Some Of The Most Renowned Poker Players Of Our Generation

With so much happening in the world of poker, a true fan has to find ways to keep up with everything around. And what better way than following blogs and posts created by some of your favourite poker players! Also, they say, only one poker face can understand another. But, the question is to read or not to read, especially with absolutely no dearth of content available around us. Therefore, here’s a list of THREE of our choicest blogs, managed by some of the most renowned players of this generation.

Daniel Negreanu for Full Contact Poker

Not probably, but certainly, the most famous player in the world, Daniel Negreanu is a force to reckon with. Whether on or off the tables, the ‘kid poker’ always keeps his fans delighted with complete entertainment. He represents the poker community in every sense. Be it about poker events in general or his experience or any major changes taking place in the industry, Negreanu’s blog is a treat to read.

Alec Torelli

Touted as one of the most successful high stakes poker player, Alec Torelli is a well-travelled blogger who along with his wife, Ambra, founded the digital outlet for blogs- What makes this blog stand out in the crowd is its unique style of writing about poker. Just the right recipe to keep the readers informed and entertained. Click here to checkout Alec’s blog.

Jonathan Little

The American poker professional who at times plays as ‘Fiery Justice’ and, is also known as ‘Jcardshark’ on PokerStars is an avid blogger too! He is fond of playing and tutoring poker which clearly reflects in his well-crafted articles on various aspects of poker. First, with his book and now, through his blog, Little is creating ripples in the industry. From books to training videos to podcasts, or a sneak-peak into his poker life, you’ll find, and enjoy, everything on his blog!

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