WSOPE: Hanh Tran Makes Record; Wins €550 PLO 8- Handed For Second Bracelet in 2018

//WSOPE: Hanh Tran Makes Record; Wins €550 PLO 8- Handed For Second Bracelet in 2018

WSOPE: Hanh Tran Makes Record; Wins €550 PLO 8- Handed For Second Bracelet in 2018

Hanh Tran has won accolades for his country Austria until now but this year, he did something commendable and record-breaking when he won two bracelets in the same year. He won his second WSOP bracelet of the year in Event #3: €550 Pot- Limit- Omaha 8- handed. Trailing him was Oleg Pavlyuchuk which won him the most sought-after top prize worth €59,625. France’s Romain Lewis took the third position.

Initially, Pavlyuchuk had an upper- hand at the table with 5 times more chips than Tran. But Tran played a career-defining game and managed to double-up his stack very soon.

On sharing his preference of game formats, he said that he is still a cash gamer and that tournaments are merely created “for fun or wasting time”.

Contrary to his beliefs, Tran is emerging to be as a champion in tournaments. And this taste of victory seemed insatiable in his case as he said that this second win made me yearn for many more. He added that he is now aiming at €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha bracelet event.

Official Results – Event #3: €550 Pot-Limit Omaha 8

Place Player Country Prize in € Prize in $
1 Hanh Tran Austria €59,625 $68,365
2 Oleg Pavlyuchuk Latvia €36,851 $42,242
3 Romain Lewis France €25,473 $29,201
4 Sebastian Obermeier Germany €17,095 $20,525
5 Tarek Sleiman Chile €12,802 $14,675
6 Manish Goenka India €9,313 $10,676
7 Michael Magalashvili Israel €6,896 $7,906
8 Florian Sarnow Germany €5,198 $5,959


This victory of Tran was a result of his promise made to a friend, Andreas Klatt who won this tournament last year that is, 2017 but failed to repeat the same this year.

Final Day Recap

The event started with a total of 572 entries which now whittled down to 8 players contesting to earn their share of the huge €274,417 prize pool.

Initially, the focus of the industry was on Florian Sarnow. He carved his name deep in the history of poker when he became the first player to survive till two final tables in WSOP in a single day. But the game did not turn out to be in Sarnow’s favour as he got eliminated at the second position in the one-day event, €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter and then later lost his entire stack playing Pot-Limit-Omaha against Hanh Tran and Oleg Pavlyuchuk.

Israel’s Michael Magalashvili played hard to let the legacy of winning a bracelet for his country go on. But the dream went out of the sight when Magalashvili held ace-king-jack-five while Sebastian Obermeier rolled out his kings. Magalashvili secured the seventh position.

Chile’s Tarek Sleiman and India’s Manish Goenka hit the rails soon after Magalashvili.

Towards the end of the game when only 4 players were left on the felts, Pavlyuchuk and Tran played a unique hand. Pavlyuchuk decided to make a fold. Two queens and two spades rolled out in the flop, Pavlyuchuk had an open-ended straight flush draw and wrap. Tran made a monster draw which dwindled Pavlyuchuk’s confidence. Tran held a queen and if Pavlyuchuk had not decided to fold, the game would have ended on a different note.

Sebastian Obermeier got busted by Romain Lewis to secure the fourth position in the tournament. Chip count for all the players was extremely low however, Pavlyuchuk managed to climb up by defeating Lewis in two hands. Pavlyuchuk had aces against a flush draw. Lewis decided to go all-in into Pavlyuchuk’s full house when the river rolled out. Lewis hit the rails securing the third position.

Playing heads-up against Pavlyuchuk, Tran defeated him having seven-six while Pavlyuchuk had pocket kings. The board ran queen-seven-six. Hanh Tran savoured his victory.

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