MIPL: Goa Lions Won’t Participate In Season 3

//MIPL: Goa Lions Won’t Participate In Season 3

MIPL: Goa Lions Won’t Participate In Season 3

State team Goa Lions drops out of the Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) Season 3. The franchise team has alleged that MIPL is not abiding by its contract which has led them to take this decision.

The two seasons of Match IPL have been extremely successful in terms of participation and response from the Indian poker circuit. However, it is not the first time MIPL is caught in a row of controversies. Earlier, actor and businessman Sachin Joshi also accused the league of fixing the competition.

Goa Lions, No More In The League

Ability Games, the owner of Goa Lions team, has charged Match IPL of not honoring its commitments. As per Ability Games, the league is not conducting poker player auction and also not following the ‘match poker’ format. The franchise has revealed that the league conducts the poker matches using physical cards instead of a device as it does not have the necessary software. Using physical cards increases chances of mistakes of irregularities.

Owing to the above reasons, Ability Games refused to pay the INR 50 lakh participating fee to MIPL which led to the issue of contract termination notice by the league. This notice was further challenged by Ability Games in the Bombay High Court (single-bench judge Justice SJ Kathawala). The court, however, has ordered Ability Games to deposit the INR 50 Lakh to the Prothonotary and Senior Master of the HC within 2 weeks. The fee will be disbursed to relevant parties upon adjudication taken by Advocate Ranjeev Carvalho, appointed by Ability Games.

Commenting on the legal proceedings, Viaan Industries Chairman and MD, Raj Kundra sounded content with court’s decision and went on to confirm that The (next season of the) league will go on with the remaining 9 teams.”

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