WSOP Deepstack: Asi Moshe Wins Career’s Second Bracelet

//WSOP Deepstack: Asi Moshe Wins Career’s Second Bracelet

WSOP Deepstack: Asi Moshe Wins Career’s Second Bracelet

Middle- East’s little country Israel seems to be making headlines in the poker industry. Two players who won a bracelet at World Poker Series (WSOP) represented the Israel team. First, it was Tamir Segal followed by Asi Moshe.

Moshe showcased his prowess at the game beating a total of 221 players to win €82,280 at Event #2 No- Limit Hold ‘em 6- Handed Deepstack. This enabled him to enter an exclusive group of players who have won the bracelet more than once. This group also includes Rafi Amit, another Israeli who managed to win the charming bracelet twice.

Moshe maintained a chip count lead since the initiation of Event #2, not losing the lead at any point in time.

2018 WSOPE Deepstack Final Table

Place Player Country Prize in € Prize in $
1 Asi Moshe Israel €82,280 $95,365
2 Robert Schulz Germany €50,842 $58,927
3 James Bullimore United Kingdom €33,149 $38,420
4 Giuliano Bendinelli Italy €22,210 $25,742
5 Van Tiep Nguyen Czech Republic €15,303 $17,736
6 Viktor Katzenberger Hungary €10,852 $12,579


Moshe’s career as a professional poker player since the beginning has shown a tremendous upward trend with $2 Million overall winnings. But winning his career’s second bracelet had always been a distant dream for him as he nearly missed it twice in the past years.

Asi Moshe on winning his second bracelet

Moshe has changed a lot of perceptions about poker players being loners as far as personal lives are concerned. When he had won his first WSOP bracelet he talked about gifting something to her then- girlfriend who is now his wife. On winning his second bracelet, he said that he will return home to spend some quality time with his family.

Final Day Recap of WSOPE €1,650 NLH 6- Handed Deepstack

The first player who was eliminated was Viktor Katzenberger. Katzenberger held eight- seven of clubs while Moshe held pocket jacks and the board ran eight- seven – six. Katzenberger shoved it in for two times the size of the pot whereas Moshe decided to check. Katzenberger had all the chances to win but a jack rolled out in turn which made Moshe the victor.

The table eventually had three players with simultaneous eliminations of Van Tiep Nguyen (at 5th position) and Giuliani Bendinelli (at 4th position).

James Bullimore and Robert Schulz performed well and were close to Moshe’s stack count to a point where the game got a little stuck. It picked up when Moshe flopped a set of treys while Schulz happened to have flush and straight draws on the turn but the river went against him.

Bullimore held a straight on the turn against Moshe, who had a flush when the river rolled out. Bullimore eventually decided to fold when he got shoved all- in on the river.

Ninety minutes into the heads up game, Moshe shoved on the button. Schulz held king- eight and decided to go all- in for twelve big blinds but Moshe’s ace- four helped him put his name on all the poker news article headlines for winning two WSOP bracelets in one’s career.

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