2018 APT Vietnam: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Wins the Main Event; Tetsuya Enoki announced APT Player of the Series

//2018 APT Vietnam: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Wins the Main Event; Tetsuya Enoki announced APT Player of the Series

2018 APT Vietnam: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Wins the Main Event; Tetsuya Enoki announced APT Player of the Series

The series kicked off on October 5 and had 11 events were scheduled with a cherry on the top event, CoinPoker High Rollers. The series was indeed eventful with Tetsuya Tsuchikawa winning his first ever title in APT Main Event with a prize worth VND 1,638,200,000.

Tetsuya Enoki made headlines by becoming the only player who won two titles at the series: Player of the Series and the winner at NLHE 1. Japanese player Go Mori was awarded as the runner-up for APT Player of the Series.

The long schedule of events created a long list of winners namely, Dylan Wilkerson in CoinPoker High Rollers Event, Hisashi Ogi in Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 2 Event, Philemon Ip in NLHE 2 Event, Tim Frazin in Short Deck NLHE Single Day- Shot Clock Event and Andreas Rauh in Welovesport.com Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Event.

Team India’s Performance

A good number of Indian pros entered the Main Event through the three starting flights but the one who came through as a champion and made headlines was Nikita Luther. She maintained a chip lead from Day 1B until Day 3 of the Main Event and finished at 11th position. Trailing her was Vivek Rughani (19th for VND 98,730,000 – ₹3.16 Lakhs) along with other players who remained in the money bubble till Day 3 were Kanisha Samant, Zarvan Tumboli, Sajal Gupta and Shashank Jain.

Sajal Gupta and Amanpreet Singh performed well and secured 4th and 6th positions at the Monster Stack Event.

Apart from these, Alok Birewar secured 13th place in the NLHE 1 Event and Dhaval Mudgal stood at 8th place in Welovesport.com Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Event.

Main Event: An Overview

The event with a guaranteed prize pool of VND 6 Billion started on October 6 and closed with announcing Tetsuya Tsuchikawa as the winner. Tsuchikawa contended with Benjamin Gonzva, Teoh Ming Hong, Mei San Ang and eventually entered a heads-up play with Nang Quang Nguyen to win the prize worth VND 1,638,200,000.

The Main Event hosted a good turnout of players from the Indian cadre. Nikita Luther leading the team remained in the chip count (954,000) lead until Day 3 and finished at 11th position. Vivek Rughani entered Day 3 with a third largest chip count of 737,000.

With Minh Le’s elimination at the 8th place, the final table came down to 7 players hitting the felts one last time for the event.

Seven-Handed Chip Counts

  1. Quang Nguyen – 5,520,000
  2. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – 4,930,000
  3. Benjamin Gonzva – 4,220,000
  4. Le Long Stephane – 3,710,000
  5. Teoh Ming Nguyen – 3,120,000
  6. Vu Manh Phong- 1,755,000
  7. Mei San Ang – 1,600,000

Outline; Final Table

Vu Manh Phong battled with Mei San Ang and got eliminated. Phong had Ace-jack and Ang had pocket eights while the board had ace (hearts) – king (hearts) – three (hearts) – nine (hearts).

Le Long Stephane got busted by Tsuchikawa securing 6th position. Stephane moved all in with ace- six and Tsuchikawa held pocket tens while the board ran four- queen- two – five – seven. Tsuchikawa then eliminated Mei San Ang with pocket aces. Ang secured fifth position.

Quang Nguyen, the day’s chip stack leader busted Teoh Minh Hong where Quang Nguyen held ace- king and Hong had ace- seven. The table had nine – six – queen – five – nine. Quang Nguyen lead the game with king kicker.

Benjamin Gonzva bit the dust when Tsuchikawa held pocket queens where Gonzva had ace- jack and the four- eight – seven flop did not help Gonzva. The king in the turn and five in the river ensured his elimination.

The heads- up match proved to be an action- packed play. Quang Nguyen with pocket queens went with a 3- bet against Tsuchikawa’s raise who held pocket aces. The game escalated with raises and re-raises. With the board running with two- ace- eight, the queen turn and two in the river, Tsuchikawa defeated Quang Nguyen and won his first APT title.

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – VND 1,638,110,000
  2. Nang Quang Nguyen – VND 1,092,130,000
  3. Benjamin Gonzva – VND 762,500,000
  4. Teoh Ming Hong – VND 555,030,000
  5. Mei San Ang – VND 419,470,000
  6. Le Long Stephane – VND 327,860,000
  7. Vu Manh Phong – VND 264,060,000
  8. Minh Le – VND 218,430,000

NLHE 1 Event Highlights

Tetsuya Enoki won the top prize of VND 198,300,000 playing against Tran Duc Nghia.

Some of the known faces who participated in the event were Hisashi Ogi (4th), Kazuma Inotsume (5th), Piet Pape (6th), Yohn Paredes (7th), Christopher Mateo (7th), and En Ching Wu (17th).

CoinPoker High Rollers Event

With a total prize pool of VND 5,044,000,000, the event saw Dylan Wilkerson lifting the trophy and winning the title for top prize of VND 1,107,750,000. Wilkerson defeated Christopher Mateo and Shuhchyn Lim to win the title.

Short Deck NLHE Single Day- Shot Clock Event

In a heads-up play between Tim Frazin and Duy Ho, Frazin flopped a pair of kings and won the title with prize of VND 97,920,000.

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