APT Vietnam 2018: Nikita Luther Makes It Big On Day 3 Main Event, Quang Nguyen Leads At The Final Table

//APT Vietnam 2018: Nikita Luther Makes It Big On Day 3 Main Event, Quang Nguyen Leads At The Final Table

APT Vietnam 2018: Nikita Luther Makes It Big On Day 3 Main Event, Quang Nguyen Leads At The Final Table

The 2018 Asia Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam has been an action-packed affair with the Indian contingent performing tremendously well and making it big. With the conclusion of the Main Event around the corner, the poker industry is having a hawk’s eye on the proceedings.

Day 3 saw chopping off the list of 85 entries after a grueling yet enjoyable play on the previous days of the tournament. Quang Nguyen (5,520,000) leads the final table with a total of seven finalists.

Indian pros Sajal Gupta, Kanishka Samant, Vivek Rughani, Zarvan Tamboli, Shashank Gupta and Nikita Luther who also won the World Poker Series (WSOP) bracelet managed to enter Day 3, but unfortunately they all got busted before entering the final table.

Vivek Rughani’s career has shown an upward trend. At APT Vietnam 2018, he hit the rails securing 19th position (VND 98,730,000 ~₹3.16 Lakhs). Apart from this, he won an all- expenses trip to the WSOP 2018 on 9stacks and made it big at three WSOP events, one of them was earning INR 53.12 Lakhs prize money at the WSOP Main Event.

The Indian player who made headlines was Nikita Luther. She showcased her talent right from the beginning of the event having a chip lead on Day 1B itself.  Luther did it with a chip count of 954,000, leading among the 194 runners.

Apart from Luther and Rughani, other Indians who made the country proud was Kanishka Samant ending her play at 32nd position (VND 61,650,000). Sajal Gupta secured 45th place (winning VND 52,690,000~₹1.68 Lakhs) along with Shashak Jain securing 79th place (winning VND 32,900,000). 2018 WPT Ho Chi Minh Cup winner Zarvan Tumboli also showcased his talent yet again, securing 71st position (for VND 32,900,000).

Jerry Phan got busted by Quang Nguyen leaving the game at 85th position. Other known faces who were eliminated on Day 3 include Son Putin (16th for VND 98,730,000) trailing him was Dang Tuan Nguyen and Mak Wai Cheong securing 23rd place. Natalie Teh and Daniel Tang at 28th and 27th positions respectively.

Main Event: Final Day Recap

Day 3 saw 85 players entering victoriously from the total of 498 entries at the beginning of the event. Leading the Indian contingent was Nikita Luther with a gigantic chip count of 954,000. Towards the end of the event, Luther was third in the chip count with 1.36 Million.

After busting Sao Putin out of the game, Luther’s upward march came to a halt. She lost two pots against Minh Le consecutively and later got busted by Gonza Benjamin with king-four of hearts against Benjamin’s ace-king where the board had queen (club)-six (diamond)-queen (hearts)-eight (hearts)- two (clubs).

Vivek Rughani went back and forth in the game but finished the game playing against Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. Rughani held ace-ten against Tsuchikawa’s pocket tens when the board had ace-queen-five-two-ten.

As a lot of players got busted simultaneously, Minh Le defeated Nguyen Dinh Anh Cuong where Cuong held qeen-ten against Le’s jack ten. Tsuchikawa got a direct ticket to the APT Finale Philippines Championship Main Event in November when Cuong hit the rails.

The final day was indeed an action-packed day where Tsuchikawa busted both Minh Le and Nguyen PhuDanh simultaneously.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Quang Nguyen – 5,520,000
  2. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – 4,930,000
  3. Benjamin Gonzva – 4,220,000
  4. Le Long Stephane – 3,710,000
  5. Teoh Ming Nguyen – 3,120,000
  6. Vu ManhPhong- 1,755,000
  7. Mei San Ang – 1,600,000

About CoinPoker High Roller Event

Out of the 104 entries in the CoinPoker High Rollers event which will see 38 of them getting eliminated and the top 18 would win a sum of money with winner going home with VND 1,264,650,000.

Top 5 Chip Counts At End of Day 1

  1. Richard Marquez – 284,000
  2. Konstantin Pogodin – 271,500
  3. Vi Khoa – 266,000
  4. Ken Okada – 236,500
  5. Quan Nguyen – 222,000

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