APT Vietnam 2018: Gupta & Singh Make It To The Final Table In Monster Stack, 5 Indians Survive Day1A of Main Event

//APT Vietnam 2018: Gupta & Singh Make It To The Final Table In Monster Stack, 5 Indians Survive Day1A of Main Event

APT Vietnam 2018: Gupta & Singh Make It To The Final Table In Monster Stack, 5 Indians Survive Day1A of Main Event

2018 Asia Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam hosted three events together on Day1A namely, CoinPoker Super High Rollers, Monster Stack and the Main Event. As expected, it was the Main Event that generated the most excitement because of its guaranteed prize pool of VND 6 Billion.

Duong Vi Khoa took the title at the Monster Stack event for VND 328,523,769, against Tony Ngeow Chung Fai and Nguyen Phuong. Sajal Gupta and Amanpreet Singh, from Team India, secured fourth and sixth places respectively. The duo won VND 137,390,000 and VND 81,160,000 respectively.

The CoinPoker event saw two players from Team India who made to the final table namely, Sahil Agrawal and Raghav Bansal. But they were defeated by the title winner Malaysia’s Victor Chong, who won a payday of VND 1,204, 870,000.

The Main Event saw 95 entries on Day1A with 38 of them surviving to Day 2. Tzai Wei Phua performed finished the day as with maximum chip count on Day1A. The Indian team also well with five of them making it to Day 2.

CoinPoker Super High Rollers: Largest Buy- In At the Series

The event saw 33 entries flocking in to create an impressive prize pool of VND 3,201,000,000. This event featured the largest buy-in event at the series at VND 107,500,000.

Sahil Agrawal and Raghav Bansal from the Indian team survived till the final table on Day 2 but later got busted. Victor Chong, Day 1’s chip leader played well and entered the eight-handed final table.

A quick glance of the Final Table

Malaysia’s Victor Chong ended India’s resistance by railing Raghav Bansal and Sahil Agrawal. In the first hand, Chong defeated Bansal’s ace- five with his pocket jacks. In the last hand, Raghav Bansal’s pocket sevens lost against Victor Chong’s king-queen when a king rolled out on the turn.

The game was rushing towards a heads-up with the eliminations of Wu Kui Song (6th), Pete Yen Han Chen (5th), Chun Tsun Ming (4th) and Huu Dung Nguyen (3rd).

In the final face-off, Victor Chong defeated USA’s Dylan Wilkerson’s king-queen against his pocket sixes in a heads-up. Chong had a strategic advantage of more than twice the chip counts and it showed in the game too. The heads-up could last only 17 hands.

It culminated on a happy note for Chong as his he overcame Wilkerson’s rather easily. The community cards were neutral to both players as they turned to be, and thus Chong’s pocket sixes took him to the title and a top prize of VND 1,204,870,000.

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Victor Chong – VND 1,204,870,000
  2. Dylan Wilkerson – VND 741,450,000
  3. Huu Dung Nguyen – VND 485,280,000
  4. Chun Tsun Ming – VND 336,250,000
  5. Pete Yen Han Chen – VND 245,430,000
  6. Wu Kui Song – VND 187,710,000

Recap; Monster Stack

The event saw 194 entries with a prize pool of VND 1,881,800,000- though only the top 33 places could be paid. With famous poker champions such as Japan’s Tomomitsu Ono, India’s Amanpreet Singh and Sajal Gupta (who finished at sixth and fourth place respectively), Duong Vi Khoa, Tony Ngeow Chung Fai and Nguyen Phuong.

The game came down to Duong Vi Khoa against Tony Ngeow Chung Fai. Fai’s  were found short of Khoa’s  because the board had rushed to . Scoring a higher pair than his rival, Khoa won the title and the top prize of VND 328,523,769.

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Duong Vi Khoa – VND 328,523,769*
  2. Tony Ngeow Chung Fai – VND 291,243,157*
  3. Nguyen Phuong – VND 265,853,093*
  4. Sajal Gupta – VND 137,390,000
  5. Tran Van Quan – VND 103,840,000
  6. Amanpreet Singh – VND 81,160,000
  7. Kazuma Inotsume – VND 65,370,000
  8. Anthony Hope – VND 54,070,000

Successful Start of Main Event- Day 1A

It opened successfully with 95 entries out of which 38 made to Day 2. Tzai Wei Phua of Singapore became the chip leader with 341,400 chip count.

Apoorva Goel (194,500), Abhisek Panda (192,900), Young Gun Abhinav Iyer (162,500), Vivek Rughani (140,700), Kanishka Samant (87,500), Manoj Pentakota (69,200) and Kunal Patni (54,200) were the five Indian players who performed well on Day 2.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1A

  1. Phua Tzai Wei – 341,400
  2. Kwok Luen Hei – 289,000
  3. Gao Wenling – 247,200
  4. Min Dan – 211,000
  5. Qian Nguyen – 203,400
  6. Apoorva Goel – 194,500
  7. Abhisek Panda – 192,900
  8. Duy Ho – 187,000
  9. Teoh Ming Hong – 164,700
  10. Abhinav Iyer – 162,500

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