Dhaval Mudgal Makes India Proud, Wins The 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event!

//Dhaval Mudgal Makes India Proud, Wins The 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event!

Dhaval Mudgal Makes India Proud, Wins The 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event!

Dhaval Mudgal wins the 2018 World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Main Event- Isn’t that music to the ears?! Of course, it is!! Delhi based musician turned poker pro, Dhaval Mudgal made sure he had the right beats in place to nail his career-best score worth 76.02 lakh!! Sailing against all odds, Mudgal demonstrated the perfect mix of skill and perseverance when he slew the field of 679 entries.

Mudgal’s Journey To Remember

A commendable journey, over a period of 10 years, that includes a title win at the Rockets Anniversary Series’ ₹5K Ruby Rebuy event in 2015, a Team Event title at MPC 23, and a third-place finish at DPT Jan 2016 Main Event to name a few paved the way for Mudgal’s glorious first-ever WPT title.

While the WPT Main Event winner lifts the trophy and banks a whopping paycheck for himself, the poker community back in India is brimming with pride and joy.

The Final Table That Saw It All!

Starting the table of 9 with a lead certainly gave Mudgal an edge and the Indian pro made sure he capitalized on it well. It was at his hands that the first final table knock-out happened when Dao Duc Phong made an exit.

Walking out at number eight was Norbert Koh who went all in with 10-9 when Shimizu called with pocket jacks. The board blanked out ending Koh’s journey in the fray.

Nguyen Hoang Nam was the next to leave at the hands of Phong.

However, it wasn’t long enough before Hanh Phong got eliminated in sixth place. Holding queen-9, he shoved from the button and David Tai Hsiung called with his ace-6 packing-off Phong.

A few pots later Mudgal opened from the cut-off and Hai Chuot called. The flop ran 10-2-queen followed by an 8 at the turn. Chuot bet and Mudgal called, the river ran 9 to give latter a straight for his pocket jacks whilst Chuot tanked with his king-queen only to later exit in fifth place at the hands of Shimizu.

Running deep and deadly, Shimizu also took down Tran Cao Tam in fourth place. Hsiung was the last one to leave before Shimizu and Mudgal clashed for the heads-up. It was Shimizu with his stack of 12,425,000 against Mudgal’s 7,950,000. However, in a matter of 7 pots, Mudgal got even with his opponent.

A couple of here and there but, Mudgal was unstoppable. He shoved with 9-8 and Shimizu called with his queen-4. The board revealed 5-4-10-9-5 and Mudgal secured a pair with his 9 that crowned him with the 2018 WPT Vietnam title!

Final Table Results

  1. Dhaval Mudgal – VND 2,4287,580,000
  2. Takao Shimizu – VND 1,702,030,000
  3. Tai Hsing Hsiung – VND 1,097,540,000
  4. Tran Cao Tam – VND 802,340,000
  5. Nguyen Duc Hai (Hai Chuot) – VND 613,840,000
  6. Hanh Phong – VND 490,420,000
  7. Nguyen Hoang Nam (Apuweo) – VND 406,240,000
  8. Norbert Koh – VND 323,390,000
  9. Dao Duc Phong – VND 242,770,00

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