Team China Lifts The WPT Korea Trophy And Loads Of Accolades!

//Team China Lifts The WPT Korea Trophy And Loads Of Accolades!

Team China Lifts The WPT Korea Trophy And Loads Of Accolades!

It was time to write history and they wrote it very well. Team China won the first ever World Poker Tour in Korea, beating fourteen teams hands down. The Chinese team comprising Yang Zhang, Xixiang Luo, Guoliang Wei led by Dong Guo became the winner of the first-ever global team event.

The Teams As They Performed

The winning team lifted the WPT trophy along with a paycheck of KRW 27,475,000($24,500). Of course, the fans saw this coming. An absolutely impressive performance right from Day 2 made this victory for Team China a piece of cake.

Team Hong Kong Sar, second in lead, got paid KRW 16,485,000 for their commendable run at the event. Securing the third place in the event was Team Netherlands, who took home KRW 10,990,000 in prize money.

The finalists who couldn’t monetize their entry into the finals were-

Team Taiwan SAR -4th

Team Malaysia -5th

Team Korea -6th

Team Singapore-7th

Team New Zealand- 8th

Team Japan- 9th

As for Team India, the journey ended sooner than desired. World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Nikita Luther led team had Kunal Patni, Dhaval Mudgal and Amit Jain in the fray. But, the quartet managed to collect only 186 points, which got them placed 11th. Team India along with Team UK and Team Norway failed to make it to the finals.

Starting Chip Counts

  1. Team Korea – 202,000
  2. Team China – 116,000
  3. Team Hong Kong – 115,000
  4. Team Singapore – 112,000
  5. Team Netherlands – 110,000
  6. Team New Zealand – 100,000
  7. Team Japan – 104,000
  8. Team Taiwan – 101,000
  9. Team Malaysia – 99,000

Final Table: A Quick Recap

As the final table started, Team New Zealand was seen taking a lead within the first 30 minutes. Team Taiwan used the first Team Timeout where they challenged Team Hong Kong. Soon, Team Japan’s Gakuto Oshiro lost a big pot to Team Malaysia. Later, Vincent Kwun Ngai Li called from the BB with pocket queens, Oshiro held king-4; the table ran ace-6-2-jack-8 and Team Japan made an exit. However, with half stack remaining, Team Japan continued in the competition only to later get eliminated by Team Netherlands. Team Japan finished ninth in the tournament.

Team New Zealand walked out at 8th place after a flop of 9-7-6, Paul Hockin’s (TNZ) pocket eights crumbled before pocket aces of Guolian Wei of Team China. A queen on the turn and jack on the river gave Team China the pot, eventually.

Team China nailed it again when they eliminated Team Singapore in seventh place.

In the clash between Team Korea and Team Netherlands, the former had to settle with 6th place.

When Webster Lim Chin Wei of Team Malaysia called for 85,000 with his queen-4 against Martijn Gerrits of Team Netherlands who held king-5, flopped a pair of kings, the board revealed ace-king-6-ace-3, sending Team Malaysia to the rails.

Team Taiwan finished 4th losing at the hands of Team China.

Team Netherlands was next to leave at the 3rd place when they went all in from the BB for 535,000 with king-jack. Team China had pocket aces in small blind. As 10-10-3-9-ace appeared on the board, Team China made a full house on the river, thus, ending Netherlands’ run in the tournament.

The heads-up saw Team Hong Kong and Team China in a gruelling clash. After a couple of to and fro fights, Team China grabbed a lead with 8:1. Team China went all in, in the last hand and Team Hong Kong called. Team China held jack-6, Team Hong Kong ace-king; the board spilt jack-9-3-8-5, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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