Team India bows out of WPT Korea 2018 at 11th position

//Team India bows out of WPT Korea 2018 at 11th position

Team India bows out of WPT Korea 2018 at 11th position

China at the top but Hong Kong and Singapore too going strong

What can be best described as something quite unexpected, Team India is the latest to fall in the 2018 World Poker Tour Korea Global Teams Event. This has slammed the doors shut on its chances to take the top shot in this 14 country-strong tournament which is currently underway at Paradise City Casino at Incheon in South Korea.

World Poker Tour Korea 2018 features a tight bracket of first three teams only for ‘in the money’ range and the top prize is KRW 27,475,000 (nearly US$24,500).

China on top

China is leading the list with 232 points and a payday of KRW 13,737,640 (nearly US$12,250). It is being closely followed on its heels by teams from Hong Kong and Singapore. This situation follows from the ousting of major teams including those from the US, the UK, Norway and Australia.

Team India

Team India had arrived under the aegis of World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Nikita Luther in South Korea. It featured big shots like Amit Jain, Kunal Patni and Dhaval Mudgal who had all fought hard to stay afloat until Day 3. Then came Event 5: Turbo NLHE and it changed the story.

Patni fought a lone hard battle even when his team members had started to fall like pins. He made a lion-hearted effort to blast his way all the way through to the Shootout D until his resistance eventually failed him. He ended the day at fourth place and earned 14 points for his stellar performance.

Team India was eliminated at 11th position with 186 points. Norway and the UK were also sent packing soon after.

Day 3

Team India had a bittersweet second day and had barely escaped elimination- a fate that Team USA and Team Australia were left to live with. All remaining teams started with China leading with 180 points on Day 3.

Chinese were at their best in Event #5: Turbo No Limit Hold ‘em. This event’s four different shootouts were a cakewalk for them and they were able to secure maximum points. They even won the prize for most points in the prelims!

Each of these four shootout events also involved Team India’s poker players- captain Nikita Luther, Dhaval Mudgal, Amit Jain, and Kunal Patni. Luther was eliminated in the fifth place followed by Mudgal and Jain in quick succession. Kunal Patni was the star of the show for India as he ran all the way through the fourth position until the Koreans overwhelmed his force.

A change in plans

All competing teams in the WPT Global Teams Final shall now start with a stack of chips equal to the number of points that they had earned in previous five events. Each point shall be equivalent to 1,000 chips.

The Final is slated as a four-player Tag Team NLHE format. No player would be allowed to play for more than 20 minutes at a stretch and that the field shall sport 40-minute levels.

Day 3: Official Team Point Counts

  1. Team China – 232
  2. Team Hong Kong SAR – 229
  3. Team Singapore – 224
  4. Team Netherlands – 218.5
  5. Team Japan – 206.5
  6. Team Korea – 202
  7. Team Taiwan SAR – 202
  8. Team New Zealand – 199
  9. Team Malaysia – 197.5

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