Wann2play Rides Home With The WCOOP Main Event and $1,352,967

//Wann2play Rides Home With The WCOOP Main Event and $1,352,967

Wann2play Rides Home With The WCOOP Main Event and $1,352,967

It was a beautiful morning indeed for the enigmatic poker pro Wann2play as he bagged the WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars and topped it with a jaw-dropping amount of $1,352,967.97 in his kitty. He had to endure a gruelling Heads-Up against Ezequiel ‘Ez88888’ Waigel before clinching the glory.

A hard-fought battle

The finale to the WCOOP series spanned three gripping days and 17 players, who were funneled down to the last 6, all gunning for their shot at the glory. Two of the most prominent names therein included Noah ‘Exclusive’ Boeken and Michael ‘mczhang’ Zhang.

However, Boeken belated stay didn’t last too long as he rammed his rivered Two Pair into the Wann2play’s Straight, a move only to regret later. This oversight opened the floodgates for Wann2play to devour Michal Zhang and soon enough, Robert ‘PlayaPlz’ Lipkin too was looking down the barrel for the fourth position.

The lion-hearted effort of comeback man, Linus ‘LlinusLLove’ Loeliger

Everybody had pinned great hopes on the comeback man, Linus ‘LlinusLLove’ Loeliger because of his stellar game in the previous rounds. He started well in this round also and was treading cautiously until he too was taken down for a third position. He parted with $764,501 in his kitty.

The Heads-Up: Wann2play vs Ezequiel ‘Ez88888’ Waigel

It had all now boiled down to a heads-up between Wann2play and Ezequiel ‘Ez88888’ Waigel at the Main Event. The latter soured the atmosphere by asking for $18k more than the chip-chop numbers provided. He later agreed on $10k but then again asked for more to pay his tip- two embarrassments he could have easily avoided.

Once back to the tables, it was a princely sum of $200k to play for between Wann2play and Waigel.

The battle waged on for several hours and Wann2play subsequently decided to play on the Waigel’s patience. The latter did take the bait to crash out with $1,257,203.66 in his pocket. Wann2play won the Main Event and with it, also won $1,352,967 and the coveted Platinum Pass.

Final results

1 Wann2play $1,352,967
2 Ezequiel Ez88888 Waigel $1,257,203
3 Linus LlinusLLove Loeliger $764,501
4 Robert PlayaPlz Lipkin $540,584
5 Michael mczhang Zhang $382,252
6 Noah Exclusive Boeken $270,293

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