WinStar River Poker Series $2,500 ME Champion’s Title Goes To 20 Year Old- Will Pengelly

//WinStar River Poker Series $2,500 ME Champion’s Title Goes To 20 Year Old- Will Pengelly

WinStar River Poker Series $2,500 ME Champion’s Title Goes To 20 Year Old- Will Pengelly

When you know your game, age is just a number and Will Pengelly proved it. Recently, a university student bunked his classes to play poker at WinStar River Poker Series $2,500 Main Event. The student was then an unknown face among the multiple university students. As he walked out of the premises with the top prize of  $249,310 and the coveted title, the world came to know him. Pengelly created a benchmark by taking down a prestigious title like Winstar at a raw age of 20.

This is why you play tournaments,” Will said.

Pengelly mastered his poker skills by being a regular at the cash games since he was 18. In 2 years, this University of North Texas student injected professional poker into him. Although Pengelly had never cashed in any of the cash game tournaments, he decided to give it a try at the WinStar Main Event. Now, his first win is itself a milestone and huge!

Pengelly at the game

In the beginning, looking at the game underway, none could infer that in the end, it would be Pengelly, who would take down the tournament. Right after Brian Green‘s elimination owing to a short stack, the 20-year-old lost a huge chunk of his bankroll twice. The second loss was the most hazardous especially because it stooped his chip stack real low. But going by the poker rule, till you are in the game, you are the king. Pengelly, although he had become one of the shortest stacks, waited for his opportunity to attack back and seize the felt. Just at the right time, Pengelly came back to business at the cost of the start-of-day leader, Johnny Deas. In the blink of an eye, from the shortest stack, Pengelly was now the chip leader.

Chop it up

When it was time for the final 5 players to fight it out, the chop was introduced after taking unanimous consent of all the remaining players. At that time, Pengelly was leading with $249,310, followed by Ekrem Bozkurt with $215,170, Banghart with $206,570, Ricky Green with $205,710 and Baranowski with $144,000.

The five played out a turbo and soon Pengelly had defeated the rest, taking down his first big title and mammoth prize money.

I really want to buy a nice car but it will most likely be going into the bank,” he said.

Final table Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1st Will Pengelly United States $249,310*
2nd Ekrem Bozkurt United States $215,170*
3rd Jeff Banghart United States $206,570*
4th Ricky Green United States $205,710*
5th Dean Baranowski United States $144,000*
6th Matthew Bray United States $75,440
7th Alan Cummins United States $58,580
8th Johnny Deas United States $46,060
9th Brian Green United States $36,640

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