Ivan Leow Ships The Super High Roller Series Jeju $500,000 HKD

//Ivan Leow Ships The Super High Roller Series Jeju $500,000 HKD

Ivan Leow Ships The Super High Roller Series Jeju $500,000 HKD

2018 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju $500,000 HKD ($70,331 USD) short deck ante-only event found its winner in Ivan Leow. Though Leow is an amateur poker player, he proved his poker skills at the felt as he defeated American high-stakes poker pro Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Jason Koon, to bag the title. Along with the champion’s title, Leow walked back with the top prize of  $8,470,000 HKD ($1,101,100 USD).

For the masses unknown to short deck poker, it is a new game format. Short deck poker is also known as six-plus poker and is played with a 36-card deck, with the deuces through fives removed and a couple of resulting rule changes. Flushes, in this game format, is more powerful than full houses and aces can work as both the highest card and as five to complete the nigh high straight.

Leow eliminated Dwan, in the fifth place, with his    outrunning Dwan’s   as the board flipped     . Dwan left the felt with $257,400 USD.

The win in the $1,000,000 short-deck event at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Montenegro in May gifted Leow with his largest ever live tournament score. Then, he had walked back home with the top prize of more than $3.6 million USD as the champion.

The Final Table

Koon went all in while facing Leow but couldn’t last long. Leow’s jacks defeated Koon’s 10s and he was railed in the third place. Thus began the heads-up – Leow Vs Rui Cao.

Leow started the heads-up with 3:1 chip lead. Leow was dealt with    and Cao had    as his hole cards. Leow had gone all in on the basis of his hole cards. The turn and river round flipped  and  , respectively. The board turned unfavourable for Cao and he bid farewell to the game as the first runner-up. He walked away with a paycheck of  $686,400.

Final Table results

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 Ivan Leow $1,101,100 510
2 Rui Cao $686,400 425
3 Jason Koon $471,900 340
4 Devan Tang $343,200 255
5 Tom Dwan $257,400 213

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