PokerBaazi’s astronomical offerings unveil

//PokerBaazi’s astronomical offerings unveil

PokerBaazi’s astronomical offerings unveil

Playing poker can kick start at any phase in life. It’s not about the age or ability, it’s more about learning, experiencing and building a player, day by day. Hence, time-consuming but the ride is always full of surprises. Here comes one such surprise for all the Baazigars whom considers the next big names in the world of Poker. Shouting out loud and unveiling a reward structure like no other. There’s so much to grab that it might as well take you for a spin but don’t be worried, we are here to help you understand the nitty gritty so you can make the right decision for yourself and win what you deserve.

So the structure is not that difficult but the offerings and the sheer quantity is insane. Please make a note, quality can never be compromised for the Baazigars. Prizes vary from top end mobile phones to Vegas tournament packages, from MacBook pro to Toyota Fortuner and the topmost prize which gets unlocked on reaching the Final Premium level is a brand new Jaguar XF. Yes, you read that right.

How should I benefit

The structure includes 2 platforms under the same campaign which gives you an open hand to choose whichever that you may like. First one being the Loyalty Rewards Program in which offerings are huge and you as a player can choose to reach whichever level you would want to reach at your own speed and win grand prizes which are effectively worth a minimum of 20% and a maximum upto 50% rakeback on reaching Premium Levels. The second structure is our evergreen regular Cashback.

If you are Poker pro, then Reward structure indeed has more to offer and the fact that there is no time limit, makes it unconditionally doable. If not, you must still try your hands on the entry-level prizes varying from iPhones to tickets to the finals & semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2019 with return air tickets and 5 nights stay. Still not excited? How about if we tell you that you can also stand a chance to win a Barcelona or Vegas main event package whilst all you need to do is play. Yes, that’s pretty much it. You play, earn reward points which unlocks the mentioned level and claim your prizes. Hallelujah, it’s that simple. The points you make do not go into vain and this is because there is no time limit. You set your level, you eye for your prize and you choose your pace too, what else can one ask for.

What if prize is not my thing?

Well, as mentioned earlier, you are sorted there too. PokerBaazi is offering a Cashback structure which lets you skip on the Reward structure. So you either go for the race of reward points and set your goal as per you or you simply change the default choice from Loyalty Reward Program to Cashback. Switching is only allowed after a calendar month’s play. So for example – if you switch to Cashback in the month of August, you can switch back to the Loyalty Rewards Program only after 1st September and vice versa.

Cashback is a weekly reward program which lets you get your Cashback depending on the Reward Points earned in that week. This program works on a calendar week basis and Reward Points generated will be counted from every Monday to Sunday. Choosing this option you stand a chance to earn 10% to 40% Cashback depending on the Reward Points you make.

OMG, I just won. Now how to claim?

Congratulation and calm down. Simplicity continues here as well. Since now you’ve achieved the level you wanted to reach and want to claim your prize, all you need to do is click on the Claim option. Real Cash prizes and Tournament tickets will be auto-credited to your PokerBaazi account and for other prizes, you will receive an intimation from PokerBaazi Team via email.

Is that it?

Yes 🙂


PokerBaazi, India’s most trustworthy Poker website is set to set the felts on fire via these massive giveaways and it’s all for the love of poker. Play more, learn more & win more, It’s simple.

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