Neel Joshi Wins The Freedom Series On PokerBaazi

//Neel Joshi Wins The Freedom Series On PokerBaazi

Neel Joshi Wins The Freedom Series On PokerBaazi

Freedom tastes sweeter with a victory in your stride. Poker player Neel Joshi aka ‘Worm33′ can easily say this after his Freedom Series win on PokerBaazi for INR12,57,150. Last week was all about Independence Day celebration in the country and the poker community marked this occasion with fun and fiesta.

Freedom, Fun, Fiesta

The Freedom Series organized by announced an INR45 Lakh guaranteed which was crushed by a massive field of 986 entries. The new prize pool generated INR49.3 lakh in guarantees. The Vegas Freedom Special Tournament flagged off at 7 pm IST and after 9 long hours of grinding, the winner was found in Neel Joshi.

The Joshi Angle

Reminiscing about how he started playing poker, Joshi said, “I started out by playing small stakes live cash games with my friends in my university BITS Pilani. I liked the game and moved up in stakes. However, I started playing MTTs properly since June this year.”

Joshi also shared his thoughts on his journey so far.

“The journey was intense. You need luck and skill both to win a tournament with such a huge field. I was picking very good spots, and I was getting cards too. I’m really stoked about it. I was having a really bad month so far, and this victory was just the confidence boost I needed. On the final table, I was 7/7, and my stack was half the stack of the next person. But then I got it in good a couple of times, and there was no looking back after that. Most of the players in the final 20 were really good regs, so I had to be at the top of my game because they weren’t going to make many mistakes. I played solidly, and it all just worked out.”

The winner also commended PokerBaazi’s gaming structure as player-friendly.

“PokerBaazi tournaments have a really nice structure, but what I like more about Baazi is their awesome customer support. Variance in MTTs is more than we can comprehend. It takes a toll on your mindset, and on your game as well. But the important thing is to keep showing up. To keep playing solid and working on your game. If you keep doing that, then surely you’re going to win in the long run.”

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