Kevin Malone Takes Home His Second Cash Game Festival Trophy

//Kevin Malone Takes Home His Second Cash Game Festival Trophy

Kevin Malone Takes Home His Second Cash Game Festival Trophy

Underway at the Platinum Casino, the 2018 Cash Game Festival Bulgaria was a huge success. The exciting game format and the exotic location of the Sunny Beach on the Black Sea attracted hordes of poker enthusiasts from around the globe.

The festival rolled out televised feature tables twice per day. The commentary by Cash Game Festival Head of Media Henry Kilbane and PokerNews Editor Jason Glatzer, amped up the cash game festival even more.

Notable poker personalities were in attendance, like Unibet Poker Ambassadors Ian Simpson and Rauno “Estonian Jesus” Tahvonen, Unibet Social Media Manager Simon Steedman, Aleksi Himanen, Jon Kyte, Carmen Elina-Vist, and Emma Simpson.

Out of all the registered players, Kevin Malone was the one who reaped the maximum profit from the cash game festival. In the end, he walked back with €1,620 in €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha for 810 big blinds. Along with the money, he was also felicitated with the Cash Game Festival Bulgaria trophy.

Action At The Festival

Nikolay Bibov made a deep run and won €865 at a €2/€2 pot-limit Omaha feature table on Day 1. His 432.5 big blinds in profit backed him a lot on his journey.

Out of all, Malone seemed to have an extra pang of hunger for the trophy. But, Malone wasn’t performing as good as a to be champion of the trophy, in the early hours. Instead, Simpson ran deeper and doubled up against Barakat for a €2,200 stack.

Maximus from Germany wasn’t too far as well. He successfully stacked up, mid-table, and was on the verge of crossing Simpson.

But, something totally unexpected happened on that day. Neither of the two could claim the trophy at the end. Malone called a four-way all-in with a ten-high rundown and won a €3,700 pot after he hit a straight. That pot made it clear- that day none other than Malone would carry the trophy home.

This is Malone’s second Cash Game Festival trophy. He was the winner of the first edition of Cash Game Festival in Dublin in October also.

Before this, Cash Game Festival Co-Founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk and Jon Kyte had also won two Cash Game Festival trophies, each, respectively.

“Look out in Bratislava Franke and Jon, I am going at it hard to win my Cash Game Festival record third trophy in Bratislava“, declared Malone post his win.

Cash Game Festival Bulgaria Feature Table Winners

Day Player Game Profit Big Blinds Won
Day 1 Youness Barakat €1/€3 NLHE €996 332.0
Day 1 Nikolay Bibov €2/€2 PLO €865 432.5
Day 2 Youness Barakat €2/€2 PLO €128 64.0
Day 2 Youness Barakat €5/€5 NLHE €931 186.2
Day 3 Yohannes McAllistair €1/€3 NLHE €423 141.0
Day 3 Kamen Marlinov €5/€5 NLHE €1,167 235.4
Day 4 Youness Barakat €1/€3 NLHE €791 263.7
Day 4 Reivo Nodapero €5/€5 NLHE €1,497 299.4
Day 5 Alexander Sirakov €1/€3 NLHE €513 171.0
Day 5 Kevin Malone €2/€2 PLO €1,620 810

If you have missed the action-packed Cash Game festival on the Sunny Beach, don’t miss out on the upcoming Cash Game Festival. The Festival would be held from September 19-23, 2018. This would be the second time that Banco Casino Bratislava at the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, would host the fest.

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