PokerDangal’s Step Challenge 2 Is Better Than Ever

//PokerDangal’s Step Challenge 2 Is Better Than Ever

PokerDangal’s Step Challenge 2 Is Better Than Ever

Ask any Poker player as to why they play poker and you will get a variety of answers like the love and excitement, the high one gets after winning a big pot or maybe even for the fun element involved. But along with all these answers, there is also an underlying reason.  It’s the one that often becomes far too obvious to be quoted and that is to win money. If a player wins prizes for just playing poker, and is completely separate from his wins and losses, it sure translates into a huge incentive to play.

Keeping this into consideration, PokerDangal has designed the Dangal Step Challenge 2.0 to satiate the needs of all kinds of players. The underlying idea behind it is both simple and enticing, as the total number of Dangal points generated by a player while playing poker on PokerDangal can be traded for prizes. On one end, Step 1 is at only 3,000 Dangal Points with a cash prize of INR 6,400 while Step 7 is at 70,000 Dangal points with cash prizes of INR 2 Lacs. Along with these steps and prizes, PokerDangal has added four more steps in the Dangal Step Challenge 2.0.


Steps Dangal Points Prizes Cash Prize (INR)
Baby Step 1000  2500/-
Step 1 3000 Sony home audio(8k)/ MOTO E4 PLUS/ Sennheiser – HD 4.40 BT (WIRELESS HEADPHONE)  6400/-
Step 2 8000 Goa 4D/3N for 2 (22k)/ Hoverboard/ Canon EOS 1300D DSLR  19200/-
Step 3 18000 Apple iPad Pro/ Pattaya & Bangkok for 2- 5 Nights 5 Days (52k)/ Google pixel 2xl(53k)  42400
Step 4 28000 srilanka poker package/Acer Predator / Iphone X  69600
Step 5 40000 Wpt korea (October Main Event Package) / Alienware/Intruder  104600
Step 6 55000 Macbook pro/Macau Poker Package / Euro trip for 2  144000
Step 7 70000 EPT Open Sochi Main Event(2.5l) / KTM 390 Duke  200000
Step 8 95000 EPT Open Sochi Main Event(2.5l) + Sri Lanka Trip  260600
Step 9 125000 Australia Tour package  320600
Step 10 160000 Vegas tour package + Rs 2 Lac Cash  400000

Karan Gandhi, Co-Founder and Head, Business Development of PokerDangal, said, “We felt that we are not giving enough for the micro – grinders on the site. Therefore we added a Baby Step of just 1,000 Dangal Points and a give away of 2,500 cash. Also, for the players who are aiming big on Step Challenge, we have added 3 more Challenges. At the 10th Step, a player can get a Tour package to Las Vegas and Rs 2 Lacs cash.”

Manan Sobti, Marketing Head of PokerDangal added that “Winning cash is the most basic need of any poker player. We have a big variety of prizes in the Step Challenge 2.0 for the player to choose from but most common requirement of the player was to get cash against the prizes. Hence we have incorporated it. A player can get cash in their PokerDangal account and withdraw the amount TDS free if they withdraw less than 10,000 in a day.”

The challenge folds on 31st August, and with more than 63 players already qualified for prizes, it seems that Dangal Step Challenge 2.0 is poised to give away prizes to more than 150 players. Are you up for the challenge? We suggest you play big and win bigger this rainy season at PokerDangal’s Step Challenge 2!

*For complete details on the prizes and TnCs, Click Here

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