Poker Magnificence: Nick Schulman Takes Down HK $100K Short Deck Event

//Poker Magnificence: Nick Schulman Takes Down HK $100K Short Deck Event

Poker Magnificence: Nick Schulman Takes Down HK $100K Short Deck Event

Poker world can boast of numerous success stories and each day, one story is adding itself to the grand book.

Triton Jeju HK$100K Short Deck Event ($272,084) witnessed another such magnificence. Nick Schulman, who played short deck tournament for the first time, went back home with the champion’s title and top prize money of HKD 2,135,000 (more than $272,000~ approximately  INR 1,86,75,112).

Schulman is not only an accomplished no-limit Texas Hold’em player, but also has a remarkable grip over mixed games. According to him, short deck gaming format is a mix of No-limit Hold’em and PLO. Thus, he took a chance to participate in Triton Jeju HK$100K Short Deck Event.

I really don’t know what I’m doing, which is fun,” he told PokerNews yesterday.

Schulman ended up acting perfectly in every shot, during the game. “I still don’t know how to play the game, but every time when you play a lot of all ins and win every single one, that’s the way to do it,” Schulman said.

The Final Table

Schulman started the final day with the tenth highest chip lead. Apparently, it seemed that Nick didn’t stand a chance against Ivan Leow but eventually, he turned the tables around and took over. Leow was eliminated by him, which also helped him double up his stack.

Ben lamb busted two players, consecutively, with his poker skills- Wai Kin Yong in ninth place and Tom Chio on the bubble. This extraordinary performance by him hinted that no one would be able to break the ice, super-ceding him. However, Schulman inflicted a wound on both, Lamb’s game and ego with his ace-queen.

Nick played the trickiest poker by mixing strategies. He put on the garb of being a fish or a shark, at the most random moments, not allowing the co-players to put their guards up.

Schulman and Lamb’s encounter could be tagged as the most highlighted one. Lamb had laid the trap for Schulman with a bluff. But it took just 3.5 mins for him to raise the bluff to the ground. It was in this hand that Lamb was eliminated. Following him,  Foo Sze Ming fell courtesy of Schulman.

He’s very capable, he’s very aggressive. I decided to look him up. I beat bluffs. I know he’s the kind of player who can do that with the sort of medium strength hands of which kings can beat,” Nick vented his perspective about Lamb.

The Heads-up

The heads-up was set between  Kenneth Kee and Nick. The game was already quite inclined towards Schulman as the heads-up began with his 9:1 chip lead over Kee. But Kee didn’t let it go off easy. He played consistently, cruising his way up, towards the title. Finally, the river card in the last hand decided the winner- Nick Schulman it was.

HK$100k Short Deck Ante-Only Results:

Place Player Country Prize (HKD) Prize (USD)
1st Nick Schulman United States 2,135,000 $272,084
2nd Kenneth Kee Singapore 1,319,369 $168,140
3rd Chow Hing Yaung Malaysia 874,801 $111,484
4th Ben Lamb United States 619,272 $78,920
5th Foo Sze Ming Malaysia 466,223 $59,415
6th Kim Chin Wei Malaysia 371,917 $47,403
7th Ivan Leow Malaysia 313,418 $39,941

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