2018 WSOP Main Event- Six Poker Pros To Play The Finale On Saturday

//2018 WSOP Main Event- Six Poker Pros To Play The Finale On Saturday

2018 WSOP Main Event- Six Poker Pros To Play The Finale On Saturday

The end of Day 8 announced SIX contenders who will be battling out the championship on the final day of the 2018 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 14. Before time reveals the winner on July 14, let’s put our hands together for a big round of applause for the final six players who made it so far. It was an incredible journey for them and their fans who watched them brave through huddles like true sportsmen.

The End Of Day 8

One name that has been consistently grabbing followers’ attention is that of Michael Dyer. In the last few days, he’s been able to maintain a position well within top five and he will be leading the table of six into the final day of the ME. Nicolas Manion is right behind with almost half a chip-count than his predecessor. John Cynn, Tony Miles, and former ME winner Joe Cada are holding their positions at third, fourth, and fifth respectively. Aram Zobian is sitting at the 6th place with least of chip count but, in poker, it doesn’t take time to turntables.

The Final Chip Count

  1. Michael Dyer     – 156,500,000
  2. Nicolas Manion – 72,250,000
  3. John Cynn          – 61,550,000
  4. Tony Miles         – 57,500,000
  5. Joe Cada             – 29,275,000
  6. Aram Zobian      – 16,700,000

The Victory Yet To Be Won

The chip-count is all but a confirmation of the victory at the final table, and every player is well aware of the fact. Here’s what they had to say after sailing through the day.

“They all played pretty well. It was a pretty solid final table. I didn’t see any big mistakes,” said Dyer

“I got a few decent cards and I was able to play them the way I wanted to,” said Cynn. “The dynamics at the table are constantly changing so I don’t have a set strategy to battle constant aggression all the time. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

Commenting on his return to the ME tables after 2009, this is what Joe Cada had to say. “I think the pressure’s off a lot now. I think there’s a lot of pressure getting to the final table and then there’s a lot of pressure at the start of the final table not knowing what’s going to happen. Now that the jabs have been thrown and we’re six-handed it’s all gravy. If I go out next, I go out next. If I make a run, that would be sweet.”

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