2018 Unibet Open London got its £990 Main Event champion in Andreas Wiborg, and £2200 High Roller winner in Julien Sitbon. Wiborg, a 22-year old poker pro, lifted the trophy at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino along with a prize money of £56,807. Sitbon walked away with £41,850 beating Ivan Deyra in the heads-up deal.

Unibet Open London Main Event

It was a strong field of 349 entries that created a prize pool of £314,100 with 47 paid places. Daniel Clark made an exit at the 48th position after his ace-queen lost to the pocket tens of Thomas Cazayous.

Other notables who followed thereafter-

Karl Stark (41st for £1,870),

Gary Fisher (34th for £2,100),

Yngve Steen (25th for £2,630),

2017 Unibet Open Bucharest champion Marius Pertea (24th for £2,630) and,

Preben Stokkan (19th for £3,300),

Main Event Final Table

The nine-handed table started with Thomas Cazayous and Tony Blanchandin leaving early at 9th and 8th place respectively.

Next in line were Laurent Polito (at 7th place), Jussi Vanhanen (at 6th place) and Oliver White (at 5th place).

Christopher Yong’s ace-seven defeated Honglin Jiang’s king-six, leaving Jiang at 4th place.

Yong, Schuman and Wiborg started deal negotiations, but Yong declined, and ultimately ended in 3rd position.

Schuman and Wiborg made a deal after which the trophy and the additional £6500 was up for grabs. Wiborg’s ace-jack were up against ace-queen. The board ran nine-eight-seven-nine-jack and Wiborg’s pair won him the Main Event title.

Unibet Open London £2200 High Roller

£2200 High Roller witnessed 78 entries, creating a prize pool of £156,000. Top 11 places were paid out. Kasper Mellanen busted in money at the eleventh position, carrying £3,900.

Final Table

Giuseppe Zarbo made an exit at 9th position. Soon to follow were Christopher Yong(at 8th place), Arron Woodcock (at 7th place) and Rauno Kiviloo (at 6th place).

Finally, Deyra and Sitbon were heads-up and went for a deal. This left the trophy and additional £4500 to be grabbed.

Deyra held ace-eight and Sitbon had ace-jack on the final hand. Deyra flopped king-eight-seven but was left drawing dead on the turn with Sitbon sitting on a flush. Sitbon came out victorious at the High Roller winning the title and prize money of £41,850.

 The Final Table Results

  1. Julien Sitbon – £41,850*
  2. Ivan Deyra – £34,050*
  3. Zack Chesses – £20,050
  4. Damien Le Goff – £14,850
  5. Morten Mortensen – £11,430
  6. Rauno Kiviloo – £8,790
  7. Arron Woodcock – £7,030
  8. Christopher Yong – £5,630
  9. Giuseppe Zarbo – £4,500

*denotes heads-up deal

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