ISOP: A one of its kind event by Poker Ninja

//ISOP: A one of its kind event by Poker Ninja

ISOP: A one of its kind event by Poker Ninja

                                                                           INDIA SERIES OF POKER 

A one of its kind event by Poker Ninja

Bangalore, February 2017: Poker Ninja entered the Indian Poker Industry at a time when the market was booming & buzzing with a dozen other online poker websites, all vying to attract the best poker players to their tables. In a bid to help grow the sport in India & outshine their competitors, Poker Ninja took up the challenging task & entered the market with a series of some fabulous & varied promotions all unique in its nature that caught the eye of many of the top players of the industry.

In keeping up with this tradition, the ninja team decided to take one of their biggest flagship tournaments, India Series of Poker (ISOP), to the next level, in its latest edition held from January 20th – January 22nd, 2017.The Indian poker circuit witnessed some exhilarating & power packed action for these 3 days on the Ninja site. From pre flop all ins to gut shot calls to some very bad beats, more than 400 players battled it out through various tournaments and finally the lucky 20 who topped the tables of the main event on each of the 3 days will continue their final tables in Prague, Europe at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov. & that’s not all! Another team of 40 cash players were selected through various other promotions that were running on the Ninja site all throughout January.

For the first time ever in the history of the Indian Poker Industry, a new & upcoming site has managed to not only successfully organise an international event on such a large scale but also plans to finish off the series with a bang in Prague all set to take place in the next few days. For the first time ever, the biggest contingent ever, i.e, 60 Indian players (all winners of various promotions held by Ninja) will represent their country at the Spanish Poker Festival, held at the King’s Casino, in a fully sponsored trip by Poker Ninja. The Indian contingent is only the 2nd largest to be participating in this festival after the European contingent of 102 players. As tough as the game is going to be, all the Indian players are ready and have packed their A games, to bring home the Spanish trophy and make everyone back home including the team who has worked so hard to make this possible, happy and proud!


Speaking for the whole team, who’s efforts have given that extra push to turn Poker away from gambling & into a sport in a difficult market like India, Co-founders Shobhit Kapoor & Praveen Dwarkanath are very confident that with their continued determination & efforts, they will contribute to making Poker a fully legal & acceptable sport for all those Indian players out there.

Shobhit & Praveen, “We started off at Poker Ninja with an aim to grow the sport in India. All our marketing activities since the beginning are directed towards providing an opportunity, a platform & immense value to our players. We are ecstatic to see the love & support that we receive from the players in our circuit over & over again and this is what keeps us going. We hope that our efforts will one day give Poker its due credit & the status of a sport in the country.”




Ask the players that are off to Prague about the efforts of the Ninja team & they are all in praises for the Ninjas on taking up the initiative to organise this event on such a large scale.

Vineet Kumar, a regular player in the Indian circuit & winner of the ISOP Low main event, says, “Poker Ninja is the best at promotions amongst its competitors. The concept of the ‘Player’s Party’ & ‘Fly to Europe for the final table’ are the best kinds of promotions that I have seen in the Indian Poker Industry. I am very excited for the upcoming trip to Prague with so many poker player colleagues/friends & to represent team India at King’s Casino and ship the main event trophy of the Spanish Poker Festival back home”

Abhineet Jain, a high stakes cash player &winner of the ISOP High Main event, feels, “This was one of the best & the most unique promotions that I came across since I started playing Poker in India. It provides players with a one of a kind opportunity to travel & play poker and participate in international events. I am looking forward to the trip and hope to do well in the Spanish poker league”

Apart from regular players, the series saw the participation of some new & amateur players as well who managed to reach the final table of the main events.

Dinesh Singh, one of these new players, said, “Ninja has provided an awesome opportunity to amateur players like me who can interact and learn from the experience of other pros who will be there on the trip. I only played the low main event and luckily reached the final table to win the Prague trip. This is like a dream come true for me”

The Ninjas are giving another chance to players back home to be a part of the action that is about to take place in this beautiful little city Rozvadov. The final table of the ISOP High main event will be streamed live on 10th February, 2017 straight from the King’s Casino. For more details head to

It’s great to see how Poker Ninja is slowly and steadily taking the game of Poker in the direction of making it a sport. The spectacular marketing efforts put in by the team at Ninja are laying solid ground for the future of the game in the Indian circuit. We wish good luck to all the players who will be at the felts in Prague and we hope that our contingent will bring home the Spanish trophy and prove our prowess in the international markets as well!

Written By: Meeta Khatri for Poker Ninja

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