Poker Ninja – Bidding Adieu to a Fantastic Year, Looking Forward to a Bright Future

//Poker Ninja – Bidding Adieu to a Fantastic Year, Looking Forward to a Bright Future

Poker Ninja – Bidding Adieu to a Fantastic Year, Looking Forward to a Bright Future


Every Revolution begins with a Spark & all you need is someone to light that Spark!

With this spark, an immense love & passion for the game and a zest to popularize Poker in India, co-founders Praveen Dwarkanath & Shobhit Kapoor, in June of 2016, launched an online poker gaming portal – Poker Ninja, which is already on its way of becoming one of the top online poker websites in India. In a span of just 6 months, Poker Ninja has not only gained enormous popularity in the Indian poker circuit but has also attracted some of the best poker players towards its exciting cash tables & tournaments.

Setting itself apart from its competitors & in a bid to attract poker lovers, Poker Ninja has managed to add some unique feathers to its hat through their marketing activations, campaigns & events. Where 2016 will be remembered as a milestone for the Indian Poker industry with advances on several grounds such as new & innovative Poker ventures, positive govt. rulings, distinctively styled tournaments, huge prize pools etc., 2016 will also be remembered as a historic year for Poker Ninja who have managed to break the monotony & routine & have waltzed into an era of the magical unknown.


The Year That Was…


Let’s look at how Poker Ninja has managed to set itself apart through high value tournaments with huge prize pools to innovative marketing campaigns & made their mark in the Indian poker industry who in turn have welcomed them with open arms!





One of the most awaited & prestigious tournaments in the Indian poker circuit, Ninja Wars, is the brainchild of the Ninja team. In the initial editions this tournament offered a 100% return on investment enabling the players to get the entire amount that they spend on playing the tournament credited back to their Ninja account if they do not make it to the top paying list. With a huge turnout in every edition & a GTD prize pool of 20 lacs up for grabs, this tournament is among the favorites of most of the poker players in the industry.



Another successful flagship tournament offered by Poker Ninja is India Series of Poker popularly known as ISOP. In its first edition held in November 2016, the series followed a format of 6 tournaments spread over 3 days which not only gave the players a chance to grab a share from a massive GTD prize pool of 30 lacs but also gave them a chance to get their hands on the prestigious ISOP bracelet which was a luxury Tag Heuer watch. The buy – ins ranged from as low as Rs. 550 to as high as Rs. 5500. The winners of each of the 6 tournaments were invited to a special ceremony, where they were given their winning bracelets. Post the ceremony they got a chance to witness the Indian ace boxer Vijender Singh fight, live, in New Delhi & then partied away with the Poker Ninja team till wee hours of the night.

Upcoming edition of ISOP; January 2017




Night of the Champions, was a live boxing fight between Indian Ace boxer Vijender Singh & Tanzania’s Francis Cheka & Poker Ninja used this opportunity to celebrate & felicitate their own champions, the winners of the ISOP tournaments at this event. They were the official gaming partner for this fight night. It was a great event through which, the team at Poker Ninja engaged & interacted with some of their players & made sure that everyone had a gala time.




The White Owl brewery in Mumbai hosted the 7th edition of the Beer Pong Slam Tournament on Christmas Eve this year. An impeccable combination of 125 plus participants & a vibrant environment to interact with some potential players, made Poker Ninja the perfect presenting sponsor of this event. The registrations of all the 64 teams participating in the tournament was routed through Poker Ninja & the players got an equal amount of chips in their Ninja account to come & experience the game online. Using this pub activation, Poker Ninja successfully managed to give the players a chance to experience their brand first hand.




This year Poker Ninja also made their presence felt in the corporate world. They became the Presenting Sponsors for a corporate event which was organised by a company called NODD. The event was called ’18 of a kind’ which saw start-up entrepreneurs from several fields come together to interact & experience a live session of poker organised by the Ninja team.




With an aim to cater to players of all ages, Poker ninja conducted a branding exercise by organising online & offline tournaments for students at various colleges in different cities.


Poker Ninja was the Official Gaming partner at the cultural fest of IIM in Trichy. They organized a special tournament both on their site & on the day of the fest in their campus, only for IIM Trichy students. The students not only got an opportunity to test their skill on a live table, but also got a chance to grab their share of winnings from a GTD prize pool of Rs. 35,000.


Keeping the format similar to the IIM fest, Poker Ninja also became the Official Gaming Partner at the Fore School of management in New Delhi. This event saw more than 60 students participating in the live Poker tournament organised by Ninja & once again grabbed their share from a GTD prize pool of Rs. 35,000.


Both the events received tremendous response from the student community & Poker Ninja managed to widen its reach amongst potential future players.




In the heart of the Poker capital of India, Poker Ninja launched its very first offline poker gaming space, Ninja Arena, by tying up with one of the well known Poker Rooms in Bengaluru, The Gold Coast Poker room. With a wide range of offerings including daily freerolls, high value promos & tournaments, the new ‘Ninja Arena’ will offer players an experiential zone to hone their skills, while engaging in some of the best live tournaments from the Poker Ninja brand. Created specifically for the current Indian poker scene, the venture has an apt tagline “Shuffle Up and Deal” that underlines the importance of live tournaments. Ninja Arena was launched on November 27, with an inaugural INR 1 Lakh series.





The most important part for any brand that is new & growing in a market, is to spread awareness about themselves. And what better way to do this than to provide a platform wherein the players can come & put their skill to test on a live table. In a span of 4 months Poker Ninja went out and organised 3 offline tournaments in Mumbai & Bangalore each & invited some well-known key players from these cities to come & experience the brand. The format of these tournaments was similar to that of Ninja Wars wherein those who did not make it to the top paying list got their buy – ins back in their Ninja account. These tournaments saw an outstanding turnout of players & the team received positive feedback about the format, structure & the management of the tournament. In the future, they plan to reach out to a wider poker playing audience by conducting such tournaments in other cities as well.


Looking Forward To 2017…



The team at Poker Ninja is all set to take one of their flagship tournaments, India Series of poker, live, in its next edition taking place in January 2017, with the final table to be played in Europe. This edition is all set to be a very different & exciting journey for not just the players who reach the final table but for everyone participating in the event.

With so much being offered by Poker Ninja in their very first year, all the Ninjas of the Poker world can surely look forward to a very exciting 2017 with the brand promising to bring something fresh & exciting for all its players in the coming year.


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